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8 Peppa Pig activities anyone can try at home

From rainy days to school holidays, it can be a challenge to keep tots entertained. These Peppa-themed activities inspired by Peppa books will help you spend time together while learning and most importantly, having fun, the Peppa way.


1. Play an interactive Peppa game

Love adventures? We do, too! Why not take a fun personality quiz with Peppa and your little one. Tots will love whizzing through the questions with you, and at the end, you’ll get a personalised book recommendation for which Peppa book to read next.  



2. Jump in some muddy puddles

If there’s one thing that’s reliable in the UK, it’s the weather. And that means…. Puddles! Nothing feels better than jumping in some muddy puddles and Peppa fans will be delighted to be doing one of Peppa’s favourite activities with you. Don’t forget to get your wellies and raincoat on, though!  And don’t worry – if there aren’t any puddles to hand, you can always read about them in The Biggest Muddy Puddle in the World!




3. Make a dress-up costume

If you love crafting and making things, then this one’s for you. Whether it’s an occasion like World Book Day or Halloween, or just to while away some hours on a rainy day, kids will love making their own Peppa Pig ears using this easy to follow template and then dressing up as the famous piggy herself.



4. Play hide and seek

Peppa Pig: Hide and Peek is a brilliant lift-the-flap book with endless fun for little ones; join in the fun as Peppa looks for her friends. It’s a great excuse to then play hide and seek with your little one at home too – which one of you is better at hiding?



5.  Play pretend and write a story together

Play pretend with Peppa and your child. Fire up those little imaginations and decide what Peppa and George will be doing today to create your own Peppa-themed adventure. Write it down to create your own story; you can even draw some pictures of Peppa and George to accompany it.




6.  Experience something new

For Peppa Pig, every new experience can be an adventure. Try something new today together: go exploring, take a trip to the library to read some books, or go swimming. These first moments can be the most important ones so make sure you think like Peppa and show them how fun the smallest things in life can be.




7.  Settle down to read a story together

After a busy day of playing hide and seek and jumping in muddy puddles, there’s nothing better than story time to help little piggies wind down. For tips on how to make reading together special, take some advice and inspiration from none other than Daddy Pig. Now, it’s time for a little shut-eye…



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Peppa Pig

Do you love unicorns? So do Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep!

When Suzy comes over to Peppa's to play, they have a lot of fun with Peppa's new toy horse, Horsey Twinkle Toes.

But what they really want to play with is a wonderful, magical, colourful UNICORN!

Can Daddy Pig make their dreams come true?

Peppa's Magical Unicorn is a lovely picture book, that all unicorn fans will adore. And with a very sparkly front cover, it's the perfect gift for every little reader.

Peppa Pig: Peppa and Friends Magnet Book

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Can you use your imagination and storytelling skills to help Peppa and her friends have lots of fun adventures?

Make up your own stories by placing the magnets of Peppa, her family and friends on these fun magnetic scenes.

The Peppa Pig range of books are fun, interactive and educational, ideal for encouraging children to start to read by themselves. Titles available from Ladybird include: The Story of Peppa Pig, Peppa Pig and the Tooth Fairy, Find-the-hat Sticker Book and many more!

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