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Princess Poppy: Playground Princess

Janey Louise Jones

  • Picture Corgi
  • Published 3rd March 2011
  • 32 Pages
  • 240mm x 240mm x 5mm
  • 156g
  • 3-5 years

Poppy and Honey play together every break time until the day when Poppy decides to join the Blossom Tree Club. She simply can't wait to be one of the gang but Honey is not so keen, she is perfectly happy playing fairy princesses with Poppy.

Things soon go wrong when the club members start picking on Honey and when they not only break the blossom tree but smash the school green house during Poppy's induction into the club.

Find out what happens to the bullies - and whether Poppy will be brave enough to stand up for her best friend - in this delightful story, with a story CD read by Tamsin Grieg.