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A Year of Stories: and Things to Do

Shirley Hughes

  • Bodley Head
  • Published 28th August 2014
  • 288 Pages
  • 229mm x 275mm x 26mm
  • 1383g
  • 5-7 years

This wonderful collection from Shirley Hughes takes you right through the year with best-loved stories and poems for every month and mood.

What's more, every month explores great things to do: crafts to make, games to play, ideas to explore.

A treasury which will bring joy throughout the year, and for years to come...

A YEAR OF STORIES AND THINGS TO DO includes: the Greenaway Medal award-winner Ella's Big Chance, Alfie's Feet, Alfie Wins a Prize, Don't Want to Go!, Bobbo Goes to School, Jonadab and Rita and many more...