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Johnny Morris, Bedtime Stories With, (Vintage Beeb)

Johnny Morris, Johnny Morris (Read by)

  • BBC Physical Audio
  • Published 4th February 2010
  • 45 Minutes
  • 5-7 years

Fourteen enchanting animal tales featuring some of Johnny Morris's favourite creatures. The stories are: ‘Charley and Gladys, the Warthogs’; ‘Lulu, the Baby Seal’; ‘The Kookaburras’; ‘Bubbles the Hippopotamus’; ‘Chatterbox the Budgerigar’; ‘Hooter the Elephant’; ‘Mark and Cark the Jackdaws’; ‘Mark and Cark’s New Nest’; ‘Big Banghead and Little Bumpnut’; ‘Harum Scarum’s Mistake’; ‘Snowdrop the Polar Bear’; 'Toodle-oo Solves the Problem’; ‘Snapper the Crocodile’ and ‘Tubthump the Gorilla’. Vintage Beeb: classic albums first available as BBC LPs, now reissued. This recording was previously released on LP in 1972.

1 CD. 45 mins.