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Daisy and the Trouble With Jack

Kes Gray

  • RHCP Digital
  • Published 3rd March 2016
  • 128 Pages
  • 5-7 years

Daisy can't believe it! Mrs Peters is making her sit next to Jack Beechwhistle - the worst boy in the school, and possibly the whole world!

Jack is so mad! Mrs Peters is making him sit next to Daisy Butters - she's such an annoying blabber!

As the school day goes on, Daisy and Jack think of more and more ways to get one up on each other. Then they both have a brilliant idea!

Trouble is, Daisy and Jack might be more alike than they realized . . .

A funny, mischievous and totally troublesome tale for girls and boys, written and published specially for World Book Day 2016.