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Hey Duggee: Cheer Up, Pup!

  • BBC Children's Books
  • Published 4th February 2016
  • 32 Pages
  • 250mm x 250mm x 3mm
  • 198g
  • 3-6 years

Meet Duggee, a big dog with a big job - he runs the Squirrel Club! Every day he is joined by a group of fun-loving little critters who hope to collect their next Squirrel Club badge. In this adorable picture book, Duggee's nephew, Duggly, is paying the Squirrels a visit. Having a puppy around is great fun, but it's not always easy!

Each Hey Duggee picture book comes with activity ideas and a cut-out-and-keep badge so that little Squirrels can join in the fun at home!