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Due for release 28th June 2018
  • Puffin
  • Published 28th June 2018
  • 32 Pages
  • 212mm x 280mm x 4mm
  • 176g
  • 3-5 years

A beautiful picture book, teaching little lions about empathy and the joy of daydreaming.

Meet Leonard - a lion like no other. Leonard doesn't like to raw and chomp. Leonard likes to read and daydream on his thinking hill.

Leonard's best friend is Marianne, a duck. But lions chomp ducks, don't they? But Leonard doesn't want to chomp Marianne!

Leonard and Marianne work together to write a special poem to show the other fierce lions that just because lions are supposed to be fierce, it doesn't mean they have to be.

A thrilling new fable from the creator of the New York Times bestseller Max the Brave.