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Books for peeking, poking and rhyming

Even tiny babies can enjoy books! Their little senses are developing quickly and the right books help you grab their attention at every step.


During the first few months, when eyesight is a bit fuzzy, bold, contrasting colours catch your baby’s attention.   Soon, colourful soft cloth books with mirrors and exciting textures encourage your baby to reach out, point and touch the pages.


Prop up a Baby Touch book during tummy time and encourage your child to look up and take in the world around them. Books with holes to poke and peer through let you play peekaboo, too.


You might feel a bit silly reading out loud and making funny noises to a tiny person who can’t even talk yet. Books with lots of things on the page to point to and talk about can make this easier.


Remember, your child loves the sound of your voice. Sharing snippets of stories or first rhymes while baby’s snuggled up on your lap can be comforting for both of you.


As your baby gets bigger, they may babble as you read to them and copy animal sounds. Board books are perfect now, as they start to grab (and chew!) things. Chunky pages are easy to turn and there’s lots to see and feel inside.