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Books to fire the imagination

“I like that one!” (and sometimes the opposite) may have become a familiar saying by now, as your child’s opinions and interests grow.


Have they found a favourite topic yet? Whether it’s dinosaurs, doctors or dogs, they’ll soon want to know absolutely everything about it. Sharing stories satisfies their curiosity and sparks creativity, encouraging them to play games and start conversations about what you’ve read together.


Books fire little imaginations, but also introduce early learning. From ABCs and numbers to colours and rhymes, there’s a fun-filled Ladybird book to help. Sharing stories and nursery rhymes encourages your child to link words with pictures and ask questions about new subjects.


Books, ebooks, apps, audio and interactive games can keep your little one busy too. We’ll help you find stories that interest them as they become more independent.


As your child grows, makes friends and starts nursery, reading reassuring stories together can help support you both through the big steps of childhood.