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The first 18 months have flown! Your baby is now a toddler. Toddlers are curious and full of energy. They love to explore their surroundings – often by grabbing anything and everything in sight.


You may find you’re on your feet more than ever, but there will be moments of calm. Grab the opportunity to cuddle up with a book – it’s the perfect way to expand your toddler’s vocabulary and awaken their imagination.


Soon, they’ll be naming colours, shapes, animals, vehicles, household objects and more.


Even during story time, toddlers are still exploring. Interactive books with things they can do themselves – flaps to lift, sounds to listen to and chunky pages to turn – are perfect. Where’s Spot?, the world’s first lift-the-flap book, is a good place to start.


This age is full of new experiences as you set up daily routines – it could be time for potty training or maybe you’re getting ready to start nursery. Sharing stories where characters like Pirate Pete and Peppa do the same new things can be reassuring.


With growing attention spans, toddlers get more and more fun out of story time. Five or ten minutes is usually enough though, so board books and nursery rhymes are perfect.