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It’s the first day of the holidays, and Peppa's friends are going on holiday all around the world! Join Peppa as she visits them across the globe in her very own aeroplane. 

Fans of the show will love this colourful and action-packed Peppa adventure story. With lots to explore in each scene, this fully animated interactive story app is perfect for children aged 3 and up.




•         Pick an outfit for Peppa to wear on her travels

•         Choose which friends to visit on Daddy Pig’s map

•         Play hide and seek with naughty monkeys and chase parrots in the jungle

•         Swing like Tarzan

•         Count penguins with Suzy Sheep in the South Pole

•         Look for rare lizards in the desert

•         Climb mountains with Danny Dog

•         Jump in muddy puddles!

•         ‘Read it myself’ and ‘read it to me’ options with highlighted story text so listeners can follow along.

•         ‘Read it to me’ narration voiced by Peppa Pig narrator, John Sparkes.

•         Fun for little fingers! Tap the screen to uncover animated, interactive surprises.




Read the book

Peppa Pig: Peppa Goes Around the World

An exciting picture book based on the Peppa Pig special episode, Around the World!

In this story, Peppa visits friends located across the globe in her very own aeroplane. With journeys to the South Pole, snowy mountain tops, the jungle and the desert, this is a colourful and action-packed Peppa adventure.

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