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Meet the characters from My Magical Life

Meet the characters in Zach’s King-dom! My Magical Life is packed full of laughs, adventure and just a hint of magic. 


Meet Zack. He's magic. Yep, you heard that right...



Aaron is officially known as "Camera Guy".



Tricia is the popular one. Yuck.



This guy, he's the boss. 



And this guy, he's, well, kinda cranky...



This is the fam, a.k.a The Kings.



And Michael - he's kinda perfect. Look at his lil toes! 



Read more in My Magical Life, released on 21st September 2017.


My Magical Life

Zach King (and others)

A debut middle-grade series from the mega-talented Zach King, full of laughs, zany action and more than a hint of magic.

Eleven-year-old Zach has magical powers, just like everyone in his family, but he's having trouble harnessing his abilities.

To help his powers manifest, and to help him appreciate his natural gifts, Zach's parents decide that he needs to be around 'real' people more. No more homeschooling - it's time for Zach to enter the scary world of secondary school!

But Zach can't resist a bit of magic... A simple spell ends with him and his best friend stuck in a vending machine. Someone filmed it and by the next day he's gone viral on YouTube, in the process attracting the attention of Rachel, the prettiest girl at school.

With everyone wondering how Zach does his tricks, and with head mean girl Trisha plotting to bring him down, Zach's got his work cut out if he's going to survive year 7 and keep his dreams of becoming a master magician intact.

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