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Meet ChrisMD this February

Meet Sunday League YouTuber ChrisMD this February half term! Chris will be meeting fans and signing copies of his first book Thrills, Skills and Molehills. Follow one of the links below to get your ticket to meet ChrisMD. Ticket prices for all events include a signed copy of ChrisMD’s new book. 


Friday 23rd February 2018

2PM WHSmith Manchester (Arndale Centre) 

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Saturday 24th February 2018

1PM Waterstones Bluewater

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Sunday 25th February 2018

1pm WHSmith Jersey

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Thrills, Skills and Molehills


What makes the ultimate Sunday League footballer?

YouTube star ChrisMD has turned amateur Sunday afternoon kick-arounds into a social media event - and now, for the first time, he's revealing all of his secrets.

Join Chris in this self-deprecating tour of his life in football, revealing the characters, the language, the training tricks and the top-level dietary regime (greasy sausage roll from the village cafe) that has got him where he is today.

Chris also reveals exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from his life as a YouTuber, and shares his proudest achievements, biggest embarrassments and favourite moments from his years of making videos with everyone from the Sidemen to his own family.

Includes links to exclusive, previously unseen ChrisMD videos.

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