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11 of the most Who-larious Dr Men GIFs

The greatest mash-up in the Whoniverse has landed! Here are some of our favourite moments, told in GIFs . . .


1.       When the weeping angels appeared . . . 



2.       And absolutely terrified Dr. Eleventh and River Song. DON’T BLINK!



3.       When the Cybermen pretended to be interested in sightseeing. But they were definitely not interested in sightseeing.



4.       When the Daleks were just being, well . . .  Daleks.



5.       When Dr. Fourth knew EVERYTHING.



6.       When Missy annoyed Dr. Twelfth.



7.       When Dr. First just wanted to be left along to fix his TARDIS.



8.       When Jamie and Victoria suggested that the TARDIS might be wrong . . . just this once.



9.       When Dr. Ninth and Rose needed to prevent an otherworldly invasion using . . . cabbage!?



10.       And when Dr. Seventh met a very mysterious figure.



11.       When this spaceship was about to self-destruct. Quick - all aboard the TARDIS!


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