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14 wonderful libraries that will make every kid a reader

Bursting with brilliant books and captivating stories, these kid-friendly libraries will spark and inspire those young imaginations.   


Branston Community Library, Lincolnshire

Bring books to life and let imaginations soar with lots of crafts and great reads for kids at Branston Community Library.

Children's libraries Windsor


Windsor Library, Maidenhead

Get set for royally good time at Windsor Library, where it's bright and beautiful. 

Children's libraries Windsor


Thurso Library, Highland

Embrace a space packed with adventure in the Highlands. 

Children's libraries Thurso


Sunninghill Library, Windsor

This ambient spot is perfect for discovering a new read, or two! 

Children's libraries Sunnghill


Weybridge Library, Surrey

Enjoy Rhymetime specials in Weybridge - this one featured our very own There's A Monster In Your Book!  

Children's libraries Weybridge


Southall Library, Middlesex

But make sure you watch out for the giant snake guarding all the best books, in Southall. 

Children's libraries Southall


Somerton Library, Somerset

Snuggle up for a storytime session in Somerton. 

Children's libraries Somerset


Shetland Library, Shetland

Discover a world of books and a whole universe of stories in Shetland. Just look at those packed shelves! 

Children's libraries Shetland


Walton Library, Surrey

Meet Pebble, the wonderful Puffin (perhaps he's a distant cousin?) at Walton Library. 

Children's libraries Walton


Maidenhead Library, Maidenhead

All aboard the library train to start your reading adventure in Maidenhead. 

Children's libraries Maidenhead


Cookham Library, Maidenhead

Rifle through these bursting shelves in cosy Cookham. 

Children's libraries Cookham


dlr Lexlcon, Dublin

Join in the fun at dlr LexIcon, where the storytelling is not just reserved for books... 

Children's libraries dlr Lexlcon


Chapletown Library, Sheffield

Compete in the reading challenges at Chapletown. 

Children's libraries Sheffield


Alness Library, Alness

Hunker down in a throne with some woodland friends. 

Children's libraries Alness


Eton Library, Eton

And finally, get lost in some dreamy displays in Eton. 

Children's libraries Eton

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