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How to start writing your first book | Connie Glynn

YouTuber and author Connie Glynn is here to help you move from being a brilliant reader to an amazing writer. From how to get started, to tips on how to keep your thoughts organised, she’s here to talk you through the process.


Princess in Practice

Connie Glynn

Lottie and Ellie are back!

Head back to Rosewood Hall with your two favourite princesses in the sequel to Undercover Princess!


As they return to Rosewood after the dramatic events of their first year, Lottie and Ellie are hoping for a peaceful term.

But strange things are happening at Rosewood. Pupils are being poisoned.

Is the threat of secret organisation Leviathan growing closer?

Lottie and Ellie are determined to find the culprit; but danger could be closer than they think...


Praise for Undercover Princess:

'With a fake princess, a rogue royal and fairytale twists aplenty, this is the start of a fun new series' - The Sun

'Once Upon A Time fans will love this new book' - Buzzfeed

'The book is a great example of friendship and bravery' - First News

'A fun blend of school story, adventure and mystery' - Week Junior

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