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David Gilman has lived and travelled all over the world, gathering inspiration for his adrenalin-fuelled Danger Zone series. He has been a photographer, a fire-fighter and a soldier in the Parachute Regiment's Reconnaissance Platoon. David is also a hugely successful television screenwriter and is principal writer on A Touch of Frost. Now David lives in Devon with his wife.


Blood Sun

David Gilman

Desperate to uncover the secret of his mother's death, Max Gordon is chased into the night by a ruthless mercenary.

His search takes him from the desolate hills of Dartmoor to the endangered rainforest of Central America - where the devastation hides a sinister secret. Drug smugglers, deadly crocodiles, man-eating snakes and flesh-stripping piranhas await Max at every turn. Has Max's quest for the truth led to an answer for which he'll pay the ultimate price?

Ice Claw

David Gilman

Max Gordon. Wanted for murder.

Two thousand freezing metres high in the mountain peaks, Max Gordon is grappling with death.

His race to win an X-treme sports challenge has become a race to survive. Max witnesses the last moments of a mysterious Basque monk, who screams a cryptic clue before plummeting to his death. The clue is a prophecy that fortells of a cataclysmic ecological event which will kill millions across Europe.

Now Max is trapped in the darkness of a dead man's secret and the hunt is on. How will Max prove his innocence when nobody will trust him – and he can trust no one?