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Robert Leroy Ripley was an American cartoonist who created and developed the world-famous Ripleys Believe It or Not! cartoon strip in the years after the First World War. He travelled the globe in search of unusual objects and stories, and built up an extraordinary collection of everything from shrunken heads to dinosaur eggs and iron maidens. These are now exhibited in Ripley museums around the world. The Ripleys Believe It or Not! is an annual international top-ten bestseller.


Ripley's Fun Facts and Silly Stories 6

Robert Ripley

The latest entry in the bestselling Fun Facts & Silly Stories series, Volume 6 is bursting with brand new crazy facts, goofy tales, and unbelievable photos just right for the young Ripley’s reader. Filled with colourful type and incredible photos, the Fun Facts & Silly Stories series brings laughter and learning together for kids!

Ripley's Fun Facts and Silly Stories Activity Annual 2018

Robert Ripley

Featuring brand new Believe It or Not! stories, puzzles, and games, Ripley’s fans are guaranteed to giggle and gasp their way through the Fun Facts & Silly Stories Activity Annual 2018.

Ripley's newest offering for kids ages 7–10, Fun Facts & Silly Stories will delight kids who love the weird, the wild, and the wonderful! Jam-packed with exclusive content not found in any other Ripley's book, this year's activity annual contains fantastic stories, eye-popping photographs and engrossing activities that kids and parents will love.

Ripley's Fun Facts and Silly Stories 5

Robert Ripley

Young readers searching for goofy facts, strange tales, and incredible photos will love Fun Facts & Silly Stories 5, the latest entry in Ripley’s best-selling series. Filled with all-new information that's age-appropriate and easy to enjoy, Fun Facts & Silly Stories 5 contains hundreds of amazing facts and tales to entertain and inspire readers!

Ripley's Fun Facts & Silly Stories Kids' Annual 2016

Robert Ripley

Get ready for the latest edition of Ripley's best-selling Fun Facts & Silly Stories Kids' Annual, filled with brand new stories, amazing photographs, colourful design and entertaining activities not found in any other Ripley's book. Packed with silly and strange Ripley’s fun, Fun Facts & Silly Stories Kids' Annual 2016 will have kids turning pages all day long.

Whales and Dolphins (Ripley's Believe It or Not!)

Robert Ripley

This lavishly illustrated book will fascinate you with its incredible facts and full-colour pictures of dolphins and whales. Expect a wacky blend of stories and information with bite-size facts to amaze and delight your friends. Informative, off-beat and fun, Dolphins and Whales will introduce you to the unexpected side of the ever-changing world beneath the waves.

Ripley's Fun Facts and Silly Stories 3

Robert Ripley

This wacky, engaging book in a handy square format uses large, colourful type and lots of photos to educate and entertain younger children about the amazing world around them. Packed with stories and bite-sized information, children will treasure this book and want to amaze their friends with its incredible facts.

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Fantastic Fun & Games

Robert Ripley

A brightly-coloured book with tons of amazing stickers to delight kids for hours. Featuring a classic Ripley's blend of humour, incredible facts and unbelievable true stories, this is sure to enthral children of all ages.

Colouring Book (Ripley's Believe It or Not!)

Robert Ripley

This colouring book is packed full of fun colouring projects and wacky Ripley facts, to entertain and inform kids whilst they doodle. Complete with stickers, this is perfect for all budding artists!