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Whenever there’s trouble, you’ll usually find Dennis, not far from the action! Read his diaries and delve straight into the hilarious world of Dennis, Gnasher and the rest of the Bash Street gang!

Menacing Supplies

Menacing Activities

Colour in with Dennis

Can you bring Dennis and the gang to colourful life?

Where’s Dennis?

Spot Dennis in among the smelly school dinners!

Spot the difference

Take a look at these two pictures and see if you can find all 13 differences

Sneak a peek!

Read a free chapter from the Diary of Dennis the Menace

Live action Dennis

Dennis Diary

Oh no! Creepy Mrs Creecher is making Dennis keep a diary for the whole school year! But he will he drown in the boredom of it all? Or will he rise to the challenge?

Get the inside story on every cheeky trick and prank played by Dennis the Menace.  

Dennis's menacing adventures

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