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For younger readers

Unleash your creativity, do battle with mysterious monsters, uncover fascinating facts from across time and space and brush up on your Time Lord skills. You’ll have adventures galore in the Whoniverse!

Train your pudding brain

Colour The Whoniverse

Grab your pens and pencils and get colouring

Find your Time Lord name

Any good Time Lord needs a strong name. What’s yours?

Paternoster Puzzle

Join the Paternoster Gang and help them solve this tricky Whodoku!

Weeping Angel Maze

Can you escape the maze before you’re zapped into the past?

Lights, camera, action!

Holly Black introduces the Twelfth Doctor

Author Holly Black tells us why she loves Doctor Who and the inspirations and ideas behind her Doctor Who story, Lights Out.

All things Who

A world of Who adventures


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