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Fiery, spirited, and a great storyteller, Hetty Feather is always running into trouble! She longs to escape the dreary Foundling Hospital and mean old Matron Stinking Bottomly to find her real mother and father and start her exciting adventures…

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Games and activities

Hetty Feather in Victorian times

Life as a Victorian

Imagine growing up in Victorian times – no smartphones, computers or TV! Would you survive?

Hopscotch board

Hop, skip and jump!

Show your friends the Victorian way to play!

Hetty Feather as a performer

Picture yourself as Hetty

Are you a performer like Hetty? Act out your own trailer

Hetty on screen

Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson - Trailer

See how Hetty’s journey begins when she’s abandoned at the Foundling hospital as a baby.

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