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Mildred Hubble is a walking disaster. Her broomstick won’t fly straight, her spells go wrong, and to top it off, her kitten Tabby isn’t too clever either. Delve into a wonderful world of spells and adventure at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches.

Meet the characters

Double, double, toil and trouble!


Mildred in trouble again

Spot the difference

Mildred’s in trouble again! Can you spot the differences between the pictures

Mildred and bat friends

Make Chocolate Bat Buddies

It’s all gone a bit bat-ty around here! Find out how to make some tasty bat buddies.

Mildred and friend making a potion

Find Mildred’s Missing Ingredients

Complete the wordsearch and help Mildred find her potion ingredients!



Mildred’s latest adventure

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