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My First Planet: Series 2

Phil Whelans (Author) , Full Cast (Read by), Nicholas Lyndhurst (Read by), Vicki Pepperdine (Read by)

Nicholas Lyndhurst and Vicki Pepperdine lead the cast of the BBC Radio 4 sci-fi sitcom set on a shiny new planet, as it returns for a second series.

With the leader of the interplanetary colony expedition dead, his Number 2 - Brian - is now in charge. He's a nice enough chap, but his desire to sort things out with a nice friendly meeting infuriates the colony's Chief Physician Lillian, who'd rather everyone was walking round in tight colour-coded tunics saluting each other. She's also in charge of Project Adam, the plan to conceive and give birth to the first colony-born baby.

Adding to the joie de vivre are an entirely unscrupulous Chief Scientist and an idiot maintenance man, who believes he's an "empath" rather than a plumber.

In these six new episodes the contents of Lillian’s freezer threatens to make the colony's men unnecessary for ever more; a dangerous snuffly cold is let loose; a pub quiz and a talking yam spell disaster; election time arrives; the discovery of a poet amongst the colonists sets off trouble; and a dangerous search-and-rescue mission is launched on the planet’s surface. Also featuring Tom Goodman-Hill, Phil Whelans, John Dorney and full cast.

Anthony Trollope's The Barchester Chronicles: Dr Thorne

Anthony Trollope (Author) , Full Cast (Read by), Iain Glen (Read by), Maggie Steed (Read by)

A lavish BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of Anthony Trollope's much-loved novels.

Anthony Trollope's much-loved series of witty and gently satirical stories of provincial life, The Barchester Chronicles are set in the fictional town of Barchester and the surrounding county of Barsetshire.

In Dr Thorne, when young Frank Gresham, the heir to the aristocratic Greshambury estate, expresses his desire to marry Mary, her uncle Dr Thorne realises that the secret he has concealed for so long can no longer stay secret.

Shardlake: Dark Fire

CJ Sansom (Author) , Full Cast (Read by), Justin Salinger (Read by), Robert Glenister (Read by)

A gripping BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation based on the second novel in C. J. Sansom's bestselling Tudor crime series.

Summer, 1540. It has been three years since the terrible events at Scarnsea monastery, and lawyer-detective Matthew Shardlake is living a quiet life in London – until a summons from Cromwell sees him embarking on another dangerous secret assignment.

Someone has stolen the last barrel of 'Greek Fire': a legendary, highly potent incendiary weapon thought lost since the fall of Constantinople. Shardlake is tasked with tracking it down – and he must move quickly, for Cromwell is out of favour with the King and is relying on the precious substance to save his skin.

But Shardlake has another, equally urgent case to deal with – defending an orphan girl, Elizabeth Wentworth, who is accused of murdering her young cousin. Aided by Cromwell's man, Barak, Shardlake must race against time to solve both cases, for the fates of both Cromwell and Elizabeth depend on him…

Winner of the 2005 CWA Ellis Peters Historical Dagger Award, Dark Fire is the second thrilling instalment in the 'Shardlake' series. This atmospheric crime drama, starring Justin Salinger as Shardlake, Bryan Dick as Barak and Robert Glenister as Thomas Cromwell, features deception, dark secrets, captivating characters and a vibrant historical setting. Duration: 2 hours 30 mins approx.

The Rivals: Tales of Sherlock Holmes' Rival Detectives (Dramatisation)

Edgar Allan Poe (Author) , Jacques Futrelle (Author) , Full Cast (Read by), James Fleet (Read by), Tim Pigott-Smith (Read by)

Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard introduces 12 dramatised stories, featuring detectives whose abilities rival that of the great Sherlock Holmes.

Dramatised for radio by Chris Harrald, these 12 stories are written by masters of the crime and thriller genre, all contemporaries of Arthur Conan Doyle. They include:

The Murders on the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allan Poe
The Problem of Cell 13 by Jacques Futrelle
Murder By Proxy by Matthias McDonnel Bodkin
Mystery of Redstone Manor by Catherine Lousia Pirkis
The Problem of the Superfluous Finger by Jacques Futrelle
The Clue of the Silver Spoons by Robert Barr
The Intangible Clue by Anna Katherine Green
The Game Played in the Dark by Ernest Bramah

Anthony Trollope's The Barchester Chronicles: Barchester Towers

Anthony Trollope (Author) , Full Cast (Read by), Maggie Steed (Read by), Tim Pigott-Smith (Read by)

A lavish BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of Anthony Trollope's much-loved novel.

Anthony Trollope's much-loved series of witty and gently satirical stories of provincial life, The Barchester Chronicles are set in the fictional town of Barchester and the surrounding county of Barsetshire.

In Barchester Towers, the cathedral town of Barchester, is changing again with the arrival of a new Bishop, his wife and Chaplain from London throwing all Barchester into disarray.

Doctor Who: The Massacre

John Lucarotti (Author) , Peter Purves (Read by)

Peter Purves reads John Lucarotti's novelisation of his classic First Doctor TV adventure. The TARDIS lands in Paris on 19 August 1572. Driven by scientific curiosity, the Doctor goes to meet and exchange views with the apothecary, Charles Preslin. Before he disappears, he warns Steven to stay 'out of mischief, religion and politics'. But in 16th Century Paris it is impossible to remain a mere observer, and Steven soon finds himself involved with a group of Huguenots. The Protestant minority of France is being threatened by the Catholic hierarchy, and danger stalks the Paris streets. As Steven tries to find his way back to the TARDIS he discovers that one of the main persecutors of the Huguenots appears to be...the Doctor! Peter Purves, who played Steven in the original BBC TV series, reads this novelisation of a fondly remembered classic story, the original episodes of which are lost from the BBC archives.

Home Front: Series Two

Katie Hims (Author) , Sarah Daniels (Author) , Shaun McKenna (Author) , Ami Metcalf (Read by), Deborah Findlay (Read by), Full Cast (Read by)

The entire second series of BBC Radio 4’s groundbreaking First World War drama serial. First broadcast from December 2014 to January 2015, the drama of Home Front Series Two is set exactly one hundred years before. Following characters from a wide cross-section of British society in 1914, the action is once again set in the Edwardian seaside town Folkestone. For the men and women of the town, recruitment and volunteering are the order of the day. The Graham household prepares for an arrival, but all is not well in the Winwood household. Meanwhile, good news is devastating for Kitty.

This remarkable, groundbreaking drama charts the strategies that ordinary people found for managing life in wartime, and recalls how, together, they ensured that the Home Front didn’t break down. Through the characters’ lives, major and minor stories of wartime Britain are told. Among the cast are Claire Rushbrook, Michael Bertenshaw, Deborah Findlay, Ami Metcalf and Rachel Shelley. Duration: 6 hours approx.

The Navy Lark: Collected Series 13

Lawrie Wyman (Author) , Full Cast (Read by), Jon Pertwee (Read by), Leslie Phillips (Read by)

13 episodes of this much-loved BBC radio classic comedy starring Stephen Murray, Leslie Phillips and Jon Pertwee. Also included is a PDF booklet containing a detailed history of the development of this series of The Navy Lark, cast biographies, and a series episode guide. With a starring cast of Stephen Murray, Leslie Phillips and Jon Pertwee, ably supported by Richard Caldicot, Heather Chasen, Tenniel Evans and Michael Bates, The Navy Lark remains buoyant after all these years. Duration: 7 hours

Anthony Trollope's The Barchester Chronicles: The Warden

Anthony Trollope (Author) , Full Cast (Read by), Maggie Steed (Read by), Tim Pigott-Smith (Read by)

A lavish BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of Anthony Trollope's much-loved novel.

Anthony Trollope's much-loved series of witty and gently satirical stories of provincial life, The Barchester Chronicles are set in the fictional town of Barchester and the surrounding county of Barsetshire.

The Warden, the gentle Mr Harding, finds his peaceful life disrupted when his would be son-in-law John Bold calls into question the large income he receives as warden of Barchester Alms House.

Sherlock Holmes: The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle (Author) , Clive Merrison (Read by), Michael Williams (Read by)

Clive Merrison stars as Holmes with Michael Williams as Watson in this collection from the unique, fully dramatised BBC Radio 4 canon. These twelve stories range from Holmes' very first case to the epic struggle between Holmes and Moriarty high above the Reichenbach Falls. The stories are "Silver Blaze"; "The Yellow Face"; "The Stockbroker's Clerk"; "The 'Gloria Scott"; "The Musgrave Ritual"; "The Reigate Squires"; "The Crooked Man"; "The Resident Patient"; "The Greek Interpreter"; "The Naval Treaty"; "The Second Stain"; and "The Final Problem". Gripping, suspenseful and hugely entertaining, these acclaimed dramatisations bring the world of Holmes and Watson to life, and are guaranteed to appeal to any fan of the great detective. Duration: 9 hours approx.

Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor Tales

Peter Anghelides (Author) , Catherine Tate (Read by), David Tennant (Read by), Full Cast (Read by), Michelle Ryan (Read by)

David Tennant, Catherine Tate and Michelle Ryan read this exclusive collection of original audio adventures. Join the Tenth Doctor on these seven adventures in Time and Space, written specially for audio.

Pest Control by Peter Anghelides - read by David Tennant?. The Doctor and Donna face monstrous insects and a ruthless robot exterminator.

The Forever Trap by Dan Abnett - read by Catherine Tate. On the Edifice, the Doctor and Donna become neighbours to a terrifying assortment of aliens.

The Nemonite Invasion by David Roden - read by Catherine Tate. The Doctor and Donna fight for their lives against aliens in the Second World War.

The Rising Night by Scott Handcock- read by Michelle Ryan.The Doctor is plunged into a nightmarish adventure in 18th Century Yorkshire.

The Day of the Troll by Simon Messingham - read by David Tennant. In a barren England of the far future, something is preying on people - and the Doctor…

The Last Voyage by Dan Abnett - read by David Tennant. Terror ensues when the Doctor joins the maiden voyage of a pioneering space cruiser.

Dead Air by James Goss - read by David Tennant. The Doctor faces an enemy of pure sound. Who can he trust in the dark?
With thrilling music and sound design, these seven adventures are based on the hit BBC TV series. Duration: 13 hours approx.

The Navy Lark: Collected Series 11

Lawrie Wyman (Author) , Full Cast (Read by), Jon Pertwee (Read by), Stephen Murray (Read by)

All 16 episodes from the eleventh series of the hugely popular, long-running BBC radio comedy starring Stephen Murray, Leslie Phillips and Jon Pertwee

This box set comprises the episodes Commander Murray and the Squatters; What is the SSE?; Pertwee Climbs Up the Promotion Ladder; Stranded; Sir Willoughby's Party; The Fleet Initiative Test; CPO Pertwee's Long Service Medal; The Phenomenal Pertwee Tug; The Security Clampdown; The Anniversary and the Washing; The Forbodians Hijack Troutbridge; Number One Gets Married; The Honeymooners Return; CPO Pertwee and the Lead Half Crowns; Sub-Lt Phillips to Leave for Dartmouth and The Mark 31 Radar. Bonus items include Alastair Scott Johnston's introductions and sign-offs to two of the double recording sessions, plus outtakes from several shows.

A PDF booklet is also included, featuring a detailed history of the development of this series of The Navy Lark, cast biographies,an episode guide and a special episode guide for The Big Business Lark (episodes not included).

Stephen Murray, Leslie Phillips and Jon Pertwee star, with Richard Caldicot, Heather Chasen, Tenniel Evans and Michael Bates, in these classic episodes of hilarity on the high seas.

Doctor Who: Shadow in the Glass

Stephen Cole (Author) , Justin Richards (Author) , India Fisher (Read by)

An unabridged reading of this original BBC Books novel featuring the Sixth Doctor, as played on TV by Colin Baker. When an RAF squadron shoots down an unidentified aircraft over Turelhampton, the village is immediately evacuated. But why is the village still guarded by troops in 2001? When a television documentary crew break through the cordon looking for a story, they find they've recorded more than they'd bargained for. Caught up in both a deadly conspiracy and a historical mystery, retired Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart calls upon his old friend the Doctor. Half-glimpsed demons watch from the shadows as the Doctor and the Brigadier travel back in time to discover the last, and deadliest, secret of the Second World War. Duration: 8 hours approx

Charles Paris: Corporate Bodies

Simon Brett (Author) , Jeremy Front (Author) , Bill Nighy (Read by), Full Cast (Read by), Suzanne Burden (Read by)

A BBC Radio 4 full-cast adaptation of Simon Brett's comic murder mystery, starring Bill Nighy as the irrepressible Charles Paris.

Charles Paris (unsuccessful actor, bad husband, dipsomaniac) is currently appearing as a fork lift operator in a corporate video. It's not prime-time television or a major film, but it seems like easy money - until the fork lift is used to commit a murder. When Charles himself comes under suspicion, he decides to find out for himself who the murderer is.

Meanwhile, as ever with Charles, life on the domestic front is not plain sailing. After inflicting damage upon his ex-wife's house, he finds himself offering her a berth on the houseboat he’s currently sitting for a friend. However, life on the water proves as tricky as life at work…

Suzanne Burden, Tim McInnery and Jon Glover are also among the cast in this dramatisation by Jeremy Front.

Doctor Who: K9 and Company

Terence Dudley (Author) , Terence Dudley (Read by)

John Leeson reads this exciting novelisation of the 1981 spin-off TV adventure for two popular Doctor Who characters. In the sleepy village of Hazelbury Abbas the Winter Solstice is fast drawing near. It is a time of deep mystery and ancient evil. Sarah Jane Smith, journalist and former companion to the Doctor, comes to the village to write her new book. For company she has Brendan, the young ward of Sarah's missing Aunt Lavinia. Then Brendan too disappears, possibly kidnapped by practitioners of Black Magic. Is he to be sacrificed to the goddess Hecate on the Solstice? Sarah is not alone in her search for Brendan, for the Doctor has sent her a very special companion: a robotic dog by the name of K9... John Leeson, who provided K9's voice in the original BBC TV serial, reads Terence Dudley's own novelisation of his 1981 teleplay. Duration: 6 hours approx.

Vivat Rex: Volume 2

William Shakespeare (Author) , Christopher Marlowe (Author) , Ben Jonson (Author) , Martin Jenkins (Author) , Full Cast (Read by), Richard Burton (Read by)

Richard Burton narrates the second volume of this famous dramatic chronicle of the English Crown, a treasure of the BBC radio archive published on CD for the very first time.

Vivat Rex is the landmark drama series first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1977. Over the course of 26 instalments, each one narrated by Richard Burton with a full cast, the fortunes of the English Crown are followed through 225 years of British history, from Edward II’s accession in 1307 to the birth of Elizabeth I.

Each drama is adapted by Martin Jenkins from the works of Shakespeare, Marlowe and their Elizabethan contemporaries.This second volume features the final 13 instalments, beginning with Martin Jarvis as Henry V and concluding with the birth of Elizabeth I. Vivat Rex includes a stirring musical score by Christopher Whelen.

Gloomsbury: Series 1

Sue Limb (Author) , Alison Steadman (Read by), Full Cast (Read by), Miriam Margolyes (Read by)

Miriam Margolyes, Alison Steadman and Nigel Planer star in Sue Limb's comedy parodying the arty and adulterous adventures of the Bloomsbury Group.

A stellar cast, including Morwenna Banks, Jonathan Coy and John Sessions, join in this affectionate send-up of the infamous Bloomsbury literary group, who dominated the English cultural scene in the early 20th Century.

The series follows the fortunes of Vera Sackcloth-Vest - writer, gardener and transvestite - and her urge to escape from the tranquillity of the rather cramped little castle in Kent which she shares with her doting but ambiguous husband, who is 'something in the Foreign Office'. Vera's heart is forever surging with exotic passion, either for Ginny Fox, a highly-strung novelist who adores her, or the beautiful but shallow Venus Traduces.

As the scene shifts from Kent to London, and Cornwall to Monaco, this close-knit coterie is divided by misunderstandings, jealousies and rows, whilst the colourfully chaotic characters are joined by such sort-of familiar figures as DH Lollipop, TS Jellitot and Sigmund Void.

The Archers: The Death of Grace Archer

The Archers (Author) , Full Cast (Read by), Simon Russell Beale (Read by), Ysanne Churchman (Read by)

The legendary demise of Phil Archer’s first wife is recalled in these archive editions of the much-loved BBC radio serial, plus a unique behind-the-scenes drama about Grace’s death.

The Archers is the longest-running radio drama in the world, and in 1955 the death of Grace Archer became one of the most notorious – and controversial – events in the history of the show. Over 20 million people tuned in to hear the shocking storyline, and the BBC switchboard was jammed with thousands of calls from distraught listeners.

This Archers retrospective includes the omnibus edition from September 1955, featuring the fateful night of Grace's demise, and two editions of Vintage Archers from 1986 and 1987 in which the residents of Ambridge – including Jill, Walter, Tom, Shula and Christine – gather at Christmas and remember events of the past.

Finally, in the 2015 radio play Dead Girls Tell No Tales, the real-life circumstances of Grace's departure from the serial are dramatised by long-term Archers writer Joanna Toye. With a star cast including Eleanor Tomlinson, Simon Russell Beale, Ysanne Churchman, Jon Culshaw, Pam Ferris and Miles Jupp, it delves deep into The Archers' archives to reveal the truth about why Grace had to die. Duration: 3 hours approx.

I Capture the Castle

Dodie Smith (Author) , Holliday Grainger (Read by), Toby Jones (Read by)

Toby Jones and Holliday Grainger star in a new BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of Dodie Smith's enduringly popular coming-of-age novel In the 1930s, seventeen-year-old Cassandra Mortmain lives in a crumbling ruin of a castle in the Suffolk countryside. Her father, an author wrestling with writer's block, spends his time reading detective stories; her bohemian stepmother Topaz is an artist's model, and her beautiful older sister Rose is determined to escape the poverty of their existence – ideally by marriage to a rich man. Intelligent and observant, Cassandra chronicles the eccentricities of her relations in her journal, in a bid to capture her family and their lives at the castle.

When two rich American brothers, Simon and Neil Cotton, arrive unexpectedly, the family's isolation is disrupted. Rose accepts a marriage proposal from Simon, and as she is whisked off to a world of wealth in London, Cassandra is left to deal with the increasingly bizarre behaviour of her father – as well as her own feelings for Simon...

Dodie Smith's charming, funny and poignant love story is a classic of 20th-Century English literature and this sparkling adaptation, starring Toby Jones and Holliday Grainger, will enchant and delight. Duration: 2 hours

Doctor Who: Remembrance of the Daleks

Ben Aaronovitch (Author) , Nicholas Briggs (Read by) , Terry Molloy (Read by)

An unabridged reading of Ben Aaronovitch's novelisation of his classic 1988 TV adventure featuring the Seventh Doctor.

With unfinished business to attend to, the Doctor takes Ace to Coal Hill School in London, 1963.
The last time he was here, he left something behind - a powerful Time Lord artefact that could unlock the secrets of time travel.

Can the Doctor retrieve the Hand of Omega before two rival factions of Daleks track it down? And even if he can, how will he prevent the whole of London becoming a war zone as the Daleks meet in explosive confrontation?

The story is read by Terry Molloy, who played Davros in the original TV serial, with Dalek voices provided by Nicholas Briggs.

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