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Too Close To The Sun

Jess Foley (Author)

When Grace Harper is orphaned, her world falls apart. Life has always been hard, and now she and her little brother Billy are left homeless and alone. But Grace must put her grief and fear aside, and think practically.

Accepting a job as companion to the wealthy, lonely Mrs Spencer means that she and Billy have a roof over their heads, but just as Grace starts to find her feet disaster strikes again. Things look desperate, and when she is offered marriage and the good life for herself and Billy, Grace is tempted. But is her suitor to be trusted? Or is she, in her search for safety for her little family, flying too close to the sun?

Live And Learn

Stanley Middleton (Author)

Stanley Middleton has been described as ‘the Chekhov of suburbia’. Live and Learn explores the expanding possibilities the world offers to a young couple.

Jonathan, a twenty-eight-year-old academic and a keen rugby player, and Emma, the solicitor daughter of a vicar, seem to have it all. But life, even solid provincial life, can be more precarious and extreme than it first appears. Sudden violence, even murder, can happen without warning, as Jonathan and Emma discover and in the process they come to a fuller understanding of how complex even the most straightforward life really is.

The Beauty Of Truth

Bruno Bouchet (Author)

What would happen if a mediocre white-goods marketing manager with average looks suddenly became the most beautiful man in the world? Mark Boyd reinvents himself as a man of stunning, lust-inspiring good looks - and the results go far beyond his wildest dreams. Not only does his career take off, but beautiful women start queuing up for his favours - and then he hits on a crazy marketing idea which skyrockets him to instant international notoriety. But in the ruthlessly ambitious world of marketing executives, Mark's success makes him enemies. Can he survive the raging emotions his beauty provokes? Will he learn where true beauty lies? And just how can he turn this realisation into a profitable line of domestic appliances?A fearless satire on the all-consuming power of marketing and the seductive allure of appearances, The Beauty of Truth is a genuinely witty, laugh-out loud novel about the modern world of marketing, where truth, like beauty, is only skin deep.

Suicide Hill

James Ellroy (Author)

The final installment of the Lloyd Hopkins Trilogy. Joe caught Klein flush in the stomach and ripped upward with both hands. Blood spurted from his mouth...


It was simple... and diabolical. Simply select a bank manager, kidnap his girlfriend, then hold her hostage until you've cleaned out the bank.

At first, it was almost a game. But it turned into an orgy of violence, rape and insane revenge.

Investigating is Sergeant Lloyd Hopkins, eager for a chance to clear his tarnished reputation.

But what Hopkins doesn't know is that this time, the enemy is within.

Computer Seance / Fair Exchange (Storycuts)

Ruth Rendell (Author)

In 'Computer Seance', Sophia is credited with the 'spiritualist renaissance' in London, conducting séances for the bereaved residents of West London. So she is not at all surprised to meet her dead brother at a bus stop. She has, after all, encountered other deceased family members before. Only this time the encounter is more disturbingly real.

In 'Fair Exchange' a meeting of two old acquaintances leads to the shocking revelation of a mutual friend's death. What unfolds is a tragic story of one life being sacrificed for another.

Part of the Storycuts series, these two short stories were previously published in Piranha To Scurfy, a collection of psychological thrillers and murder mysteries.

The Great Fortune

Olivia Manning (Author)

Bucharest, Autumn 1939: newlyweds Guy and Harriet Pringle arrive in a city alive with contrasts and rumour, on edge with wavering loyalties and the tension of war. Guy, teaching at the university, throws himself into Bucharest life, embracing all around him. Harriet, struggling to adjust to married life and to her husband’s friendship with the over-attentive Sophie, finds life in a city cut off from the outside world less straightforward than she first anticipated.

Necessary Ends

Stanley Middleton (Author)

'WITH NEARLY FORTY NOVELS UNDER HIS BELT, STANLEY MIDDLETON IS A SPECIES OF ALAN AYCKBOURN. . . HE DEALS WITH THE MARRIED MIDDLE CLASS. . AND FINDS POIGNANT TRUTHS AMID THEIR PREOCCUPATIONS. ' TIME OUT Sam Martin feels himself to be lucky. He lives in rich retirement and in good health despite his old age, busying himself with painting, walking and with the affairs of others he observes from his Norfolk bungalow. Confronted by a necessary and approaching end, the strong purpose of his earlier life seems to have diminished; but there are still surprises to be had, especially in a constricted life, as Sam, and those around him soon discover.

Wonderful Wodehouse 2: A Collection

P.G. Wodehouse (Author)

Thank You, Jeeves
Thank You, Jeeves is the first novel to feature the incomparable valet Jeeves and his hapless charge Bertie Wooster - and you've hardly started to turn the pages when he resigns over Bertie's dedicated but somewhat untuneful playing of the banjo. In high dudgeon, Bertie disappears to the country as a guest of his chum Chuffy - only to find his peace shattered by the arrival of his ex-fiancée Pauline Stoker, her formidable father and the eminent loony-doctor Sir Roderick Glossop. When Chuffy falls in love with Pauline and Bertie seems to be caught in flagrante, a situation boils up which only Jeeves (whether employed or not) can simmer down...

Right-Ho, Jeeves
Gussie Fink-Nottle's knowledge of the common newt is unparalleled. Drop him in a pond of newts and his behaviour will be exemplary, but introduce him to a girl and watch him turn pink, yammer, and suddenly stampede for great open spaces. Even with Madeline Bassett, who feels that the stars are God's daisy chain, his tongue is tied in reef-knots. And his chum Tuppy Glossop isn't getting on much better with Madeline's delectable friend Angela.

With so many broken hearts lying about him, Bertie Wooster can't sit idly by. The happiness of a pal - two pals, in fact - is at stake. But somehow Bertie's best-laid plans land everyone in the soup, and so it's just as well that Jeeves is ever at hand to apply his bulging brains to the problems of young love.

The Code of the Woosters
When Bertie Wooster goes to Totleigh Towers to pour oil on the troubled waters of a lovers' breach between Madeline Bassett and Gussie Fink-Nottle, he isn't expecting to see Aunt Dahlia there - nor to be instructed by her to steal some silver. But purloining the antique cow creamer from under the baleful nose of Sir Watkyn Bassett is the least of Bertie's tasks. He has to restore true love to both Madeline and Gussie and to the Revd Stinker Pinker and Stiffy Byng - and confound the insane ambitions of would-be Dictator Roderick Spode and his Black Shorts. It's a situation that only Jeeves can unravel...

Here Lies Our Sovereign Lord

Jean Plaidy (Author)

The third book in the Charles ll trilogy covering the last years of his life.

Charles II, the Merry Monarch, is determined that his people shall know peace and religious freedom. But the shadows cast over the throne by his son Monmouth and his wayward, Papist brother, the Duke of York, are proving too much for his popularity.

Amidst these dramatic events that shaped Restoration England our promiscuous regent was often to be found in the company of his many woman. Including the ready arms of little Nell Gwyn, his buxom, pretty and witty mistress.

Here Plaidy brings to life the various loves and political losses of one of our most amorous Kings.

Blood Work

Mark Pearson (Author)

The first victim is a young woman found on Hampstead Heath. Her throat has been slashed and her body mutilated. This horrifying discovery marks the beginning of Detective Inspector Jack Delaney's toughest ever case.

When the expertly dissected body of a second young woman is discovered in a north London flat with a brightly coloured scarf tied around her neck, it suddenly becomes clear that a psychopath is on the loose. There is no apparent connection between the two victims and there are no clear motives - but the crime scenes tell a terrifying story.

Delaney, together with forensic pathologist Kate Walker, needs to act quickly and piece together the evidence in order to uncover the deadly pattern behind the murders. However, violent events from Delaney's past are threatening to catch up with him, and he must stay one step ahead of his enemies if he is to stop the killer from striking again.

The Fever Tree And Other Stories

Ruth Rendell (Author)

In this collection of eleven stories, murder is committed out of fear, jealously, cupidity, and also sheer compulsion, while the settings include an African game park, a sinister ruined cemetery, an East Anglian seaside resort, and the gloomy purlieus of Epping Forest.

Black Out

Lisa Unger (Author)


On the surface, Annie Powers' life in a wealthy Florida suburb is happy and idyllic. Her husband, Gray, loves her fiercely and together they dote on their beautiful daughter, Victory. But cracks are beginning to appear as demons from Annie's past come back to haunt her. It is a past she has no memory of - and it won't let go.

Disturbing events - the appearance of a familiar dark figure on the beach, a mysterious murder - trigger strange and confusing memories for Annie. And as her world starts to fracture around her, she soon realises that she must piece those memories together before her past comes to claim her - and her daughter...

Classic Voices Collection

Georgette Heyer (Author)

Three Georgette Heyer short stories from Pistols for Two, published as part the Good Housekeeping Classic Voices series.

Georgette Heyer is one of the best-known and best-loved of all historical novelists. The author of over fifty books, she is famous for making the Regency period her own.

In addition to novels, Heyer wrote many short stories, mostly for women’s magazines. This collection of short stories comprises three stories that were first published in Good Housekeeping. ‘The Pursuit of Hetty’ was originally commissioned as the lead story for Good Housekeeping’s special Coronation issue in June 1953. It was later re-titled 'To Have the Honour'. All three appear in Georgette Heyer's short story collection, Pistols for Two.

A Child's Voice Calling

Maggie Bennett (Author)

Young Mabel Court, child of her mother's hasty marriage to a spendthrift, becomes 'little mother' to her brothers and sisters growing up in south London at the start of the twentieth century.

With poverty never far from the door, the battle to stay respectable is finally lost when the family breaks up in tragic circumstances, and Mabel is thrown upon the dubious mercy of her grandmother, the sinister Mimi Court, who has her own dark secrets.

But faithful Harry Drover of the Salvation Army, in love with Mabel, gets an opportunity to prove his devotion when Mimi falls foul of the law and Mabel has to fight for her own survival...

Autumn Bridge

Takashi Matsuoka (Author)

The year is 1311, in the highest tower of Cloud of Sparrows Castle, a beautiful woman watches from the window as the city is set alight and a mob runs riot destroying everything they can lay their hands on. She begins to write down the events unfolding around her and the secret history of the Okumichi Clan.

Six centuries later the lost scrolls fall into the hands of American missionary Emily Gibson, a new arrival at Edo Harbour and racing from her tragic past. Emily quickly finds herself translating the text, caught up in the gripping tale of ancestry, heroism and forbidden love. At the same time Emily is desperately trying to unravel the complexities in her own life as two men fight for her love.

As Emily sifts through the fragile scrolls, she begins to see threads of her own life woven into the ancient writings. As past and present collide, a hidden history comes to life, and with it a secret prophecy that has been shrouded for centuries and may now finally be revealed.

A Ship Must Die

Douglas Reeman (Author)

Action packed WWll adventure from the master storyteller of the sea, Douglas Reeman alias Alexander Kent of the Bolitho adventure.

January 1944. Out in the wastes of the Indian Ocean, British ships are sinking. The cause: a German armed raider, disguised to deceive unwary merchantmen. In Williamstown, Australia, HMS Andromeda awaits transfer to the Australian navy. After years together in bloody combat with the Nazis, the cruiser's crew will disperse to fight in other ships, in other seas. But a call to Andromeda's youthful captain, Richard Blake VC, changes everything. He puts to sea immediately. His mission: to seek out and destroy the raider. And in this conflict, one ship must die.

A Place To Stand

Stanley Middleton (Author)

Noel's sister, Ethel, is dying, and for the first time since childhood, he spends a week in her company. As she drifts in and out of consciousness, he discovers more about her past, her fight for women's rights in education, and in the process reasses his own life.

Buried in this past is a secret infatuation for a man who reappears in Ethel's story, and that of her daughter, in a most unexpected way.

First Shift: Legacy

Hugh Howey (Author)

The incredible first part of the follow up to bestseller Wool.

Donald Keene has been recruited by the government to design a shelter. He has been told that it is just protocol. That it won’t really be used. That it is ‘just-in-case’.

It is underground.

Over fifty years later Donald’s design has been realised and the last remnants of mankind live in his silo. But no one can remember what life was like before. In fact, they’re forced to forget. One simple pill erases a memory. And with it, any chance of hope.

The Goldsmith's Wife

Jean Plaidy (Author)

The life of Jane Shore in Plaidy's thrilling Queen of England Series.

Eighteen year old Jane Shore’s beauty is known around London. She is well-educated and intelligent, and when she catches the eye of a wealthy goldsmith her father sees in her an opportunity for an advantageous marriage. But the marriage is soon annulled and she becomes the favourite mistress of Edward IV.

Her compassion for London’s poor brings her widespread popularity, and she uses her favour with the king to beg forgiveness for those who have angered him. When Edward suddenly dies, she seduces other men, namely Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset and William Hastings, 1st Baron Hastings.

But when Hastings loses the new King's favour she is punished and imprisoned in Ludgate prison. There, away from the protection of her loves, she can only face the horrors of those she once protected. And pray for salvation.

Tell Him He's Dead

Tony Parsons (Author)

As rookie murder detective Max Wolfe recovers from the shattering events of The Murder Bag, a figure from his past suddenly comes back into his life – his childhood sweetheart, now tormented and stalked and threatened by her violent ex-partner.
As Max attempts to protect his ex-girlfriend from this lovesick psychopath, he is haunted by a nightmare of his own – the reappearance of the terrorist who he killed with his car at the start of The Murder Bag.
Are they visions brought on by the powerful medication for the injuries Max sustained hunting Bob the Butcher?
Or is Max going mad?
Or do some people just have to be killed twice?

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