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Tara Black (Author)

Judith Wilson is Assistant Director of the Nemesis Archive, an institution devoted to chronicling the history of masochistic female desire. When she is contacted by one Zadia Marlove, who offers up the story of her great aunt's life of bygone bondage and discipline, she begins an investigation that is as painfully arousing as it is mysterious.

Love-Chattel Of Tormunil

Aran Ashe (Author)

Iroise - a beautiful, enigmatic initiate from the Abbey of Servulan - is taken under the wing of the Baron and the wickedly depraved Olivia. In the seclusion of their castle, the evil pair strive to further the young novice's training in the darker pleasures.

Whalebone Strict

Lady Alice McCloud (Author)

Petticoats, corsets, frilly knickers, lace, and canes - all part of the Imperial world inhabited by Thrift; a young and naïve foreign office agent sent on special missions on behalf of the empire. In Whalebone Strict, Thrift Moncrieff's assignment for the British Imperial Diplomatic Service takes her to the North
American colonies,where she is supposed to compromise the position of a politician. In this she is rather more successful than she had planned, leading her ever deeper into difficulties that more often than not lead to the opening of her ankle length corset and elaborate underwear, either for the entertainment of a string of lecherous men, or to have a hand applied to her delectable buttocks.

The Art Of Correction

Tara Black (Author)

The fourth instalment of Tara Black's series of novels chronicles the kinky activities of Judith Wilson and the Nemesis Archive, a global network of Sapphic corporal punishment lovers dedicated to chronicling the history of perverse female desire. By the author of Drawn to Discipline.

Demonic Congress

Aishling Morgan (Author)

Eighteenth-century Devon. Old Noah Pargade is a wealthy yet curmudgeonly miser who marries the nubile and game Alice Eden. As anxious to avoid sharing his wife as he is his wealth, he makes sure she is enmured in his desolate old house on the moors. Fortunately for young Alice, there are enough young bucks in the vicinity whose advantage it is in to take pity on her. Noah's fears are well-founded, as Alice is able to continue her cheerfully sluttish goings-on. Especially when the swashbuckling John Truscott returns from his foreign travels, and quack doctor Cyriack Coke, replete with a cartload of bizarre colonic devices, visits the county. When the truth becomes plain, old Pargade is forced to take drastic measures.
Part of the Truscott Saga series - historical erotica following the depraved adventures of the Truscott family from the eighteenth century onwards. Other titles in this series include Demonic Congress, The Rake, Purity, Velvet Skin, Conceit and Consequence, The Old Perversity Shop, Beastly Behaviour and Portrait of a Disciplinarian.

Whip Hand

G C Scott (Author)

Richard and his German girlfriend Helena continue to live out their private passion play of bondage and SM, with all the elaborate touches that their rural life can afford. And with the arrival of Helena's foster-mother, Ingrid, it becomes a family affair. Even Helena's imperious aunt Margaret no longer wants to spoil the party - or does she? As Richard's tame dominitrix she seems to want nothing more than to join in their fantasies. But can Richard be sure that she doesn't want to keep him all to herself? The latest in G.C. Scott's powerful series of novels about the realities of domination and submission

Stripped Bare

Angel Blake (Author)

Stripped Bare is a collection of short stories with an acute and arousing sense of the sexual perversion that lurks just beneath the everyday.

Whether it's a school-reunion disco - complete with uniforms that get out of hand - ,or recalcitrant employees who tease their bosses into taking them in hand, Angel Blake's stories show that even the deepest and most perverse sexual cravings are never far away.

A policewoman who will do anything to keep her job; a nurse who loves to show it all off; a stewardess who takes revenge on a passenger with no self control. These are just three of the ten stories that show what happens when the uniforms are stripped away and women's darkest desires exposed.

Ten stories that show the perverse pleasures that lie under the surface, from the prim smugness of the cosmetics stand to the adult sleaze of a school-themed disco.

In Her Service

Lindsay Gordon (Author)

In the Saviour State women have achieved a peak of dominance and glamour while men are conditioned to please. Young, innocent Franklin is initiated into a forbidden style of bondage by his cruel beautiful and insatiable Mentor, Mrs Berry. But his seduction of a sadistic priest sees him incarcerated in a reform programme overseen by a ruthless female Doctor. Painful and deeply humiliating, the programme is not without its own unusual pleasures.

Hot Pursuit

Lisette Ashton (Author)

Lucy is Master Donald's second favourite. When she tries to ask him a favour, not only does he not hear her out but, in pique, he asks his favourite, Ginger, to discipline her. When poor Lucy runs away, Donald and Ginger wonder if they've gone too far. But as they give chase, they realise that in their bizarre SM games it's really little Lucy who holds all the cards...

Abandoned Alice

Adriana Arden (Author)

The Cheshire Cat travels from Underland to warn Alice that her friends are threatened by the mad Queen of Hearts and need her to help liberate themselves from sexual slavery. Accompanied by her attractive and surpisingly perverse college tutor, Alice finally finds her proper place in Underland.

A delightfully perverse retelling of a classic tale, by the author of The Obedient Alice and Alice in Chains.

The Debutante

Jacqueline Masterson (Author)

In 1950's Britain, a group of decadent aristocrats operate their own 'secret season', an alternative to the tedious official round of balls and court presentations. Instead of being groomed for marriage, pretty young 'debutantes' are trained, tormented and finally auctioned off in a bizarre parody of the real debutantes' presentation at court. Angel Carstairs is inducted into this secret world and soon consumed by curiosity - which of these cruel men and women will acquire her?

Six Of The Best

Wendy Swanscombe (Author)

A brothel that is a cathedral of fur; clinical doctors with intimate agendas; and a visit to a very special kind of sperm bank. These are just three of the six short stories presented here, which mix surreal debauchery with Sadean depravity.

Six Strokes is a twisted and arousing piece of erotic fiction from Wendy Swanscombe, author of Disciplined Skin.

New Erotica 5

Jessica must draw deep on the depraved longings of her imagination in order to protect herself from her perverse husband. Nothing is forbidden. No methods are too extreme. But when she's finished, everyone will know that pretty faces hide the most sinful thoughts

The training at Cloughton Wyke Hydro is more severe than Prudence is prepared for, involving as it does strict discipline, tight rubber uniforms and an education in the application of bizarre and exotic treatments.

Ruthless and beautiful, Hera leads the Black Garter with a merciless hand. Her elite group of prefects secretly patrols the Kilgrimol Finishing School for Young Ladies. They help her to administer cruel and degrading punishments whenever Hera deems it necessary. New recruits are subjected to humiliating initiations, but the treasured prize of acceptance makes it a sacrifice worth enduring.

These are just three of the stories featured in the fifth volume of the very best of erotic writing from Nexus. Also included are stand-alone stories from Penny Birch, Aishling Morgan, Maria del Rey and Jennifer Jane Pope.

Leg Lover

L G Denier (Author)

You have in your hands the first novel written exclusively about a male leg fetish - the intense story of one man's total and lifelong enthusiasm for women's legs, feet and their accessories. A highly detailed and intensely erotic love story about shapely legs, painted toenails, sheer hosiery, high heels and the women who enchant and tease while presenting their legs to catch the eye and arouse the helpless devotee.
This is the first book in the new Nexus Enthusiast imprint: As kinky as fiction can possibly get!

The Priestess

Jacqueline Bellevois (Author)

Gullible young solicitor Adam finds himself attracted to Megan, his beautiful fellow employee, and dominated by worldly-wise workmate Donna. The owner of a slinky, City-based fetish club finds she is being defrauded by a mysterious regular known as The Priestess. Submitting their own sexual tensions to the rules of the club, and discovering its association with a bizarre 'sanatorium', the trio discover that their lives will never be the same again.

Slippery When Wet

Penny Birch (Author)

A comprehensive imaginary world of naughty academics and society girls. Penny Birch assembles her famous cast of naughty girls for a slippery and messy week of fun. Gabrielle, the mischievous Poppy, and their nurse Sabrina receive a gift from Monty Hartle of one week at an SM boot camp in Wales. Gabrielle is doubtful, but Poppy and Sabrina are keen, so they go.

The camp turns out to be a converted home hired for the purpose, and is run by Mistress Kimiko, a poisonous individual with a serious uniform fetish. According to the rules Mistress Kimiko has absolute authority, save for the mysterious Master. The girls are assigned to the kitchens, which is asking for trouble...

Longing for Toys

Virginia Crowley (Author)

Robert and James are upstanding members of the community. They are young professionals with bigoted, conservative upper-middle-class girlfriends. When Michele - a gorgeous stripper at the notorious club Hot Summer's - sees Robert's shiny red new roadster, she is overcome by a desire to possess it. Manipulating his friends and neighbours with offerings of ever more sordid sexual delights, she engineers Robert's descent into a tangled world of erotic temptation. As his character degrades from that of an altruistic medical researcher into a drooling plaything around the manicured fingers of his keeper, Robert's fiancée and best friend try to help him; unfortunately, their involvement also subjects them to the irresistible lure of pretty toys.

Thai Honey

Kit McCann (Author)

Mitch, doyen of the London fetish scene, flees his hollow marriage for Thailand, paradise of easy sex. Enchanted by promiscuous Thai girls and ladyboys, he lives a fantasy of erotic adventures, introduces willing partners to deviance, and opens a go-go bar,with thrashing on the menu. Sucked into a vortex of insatiable desire, transvestism and corruption, he finds that behind the smiling masks, perversion is reality. But what is Mitch's own reality? A searing exposure of sado-masochism and shifting identity, Thai Honey begins where Platform leaves off...

School For Stingers

Yolanda Celbridge (Author)

Tomboy Caroline Letchmount enlists at Furrow Weald finishing school in Cornwall - motto 'Bare up and obey!' - with its military regime of merciless corporal punishment, and flagellent girl gangs, the Swanks and Stingers. When accustomed to pepper panties, bare-boxing, and canings from 'sixpence' to five shillings', she is ready to be auctioned as a girl-slave to rich voluptuaries.

No Pain, No Gain

James Baron (Author)

No Pain, No Gain is a collection of short stories united around their narrator's search for satisfaction through sexual submission. The pseudonymous author, a film-industry insider has spent his own life questing after strong and beautiful women who will dominate and hurt him - sometimes for money, but mostly for love. Inspired by the results of his search, No Pain, No Gain turns the usual male memoir of sexual conquests upside-down and inside-out.

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