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Believe Me, I'm Lying

Jordan Lynde (Author)

When seventeen-year-old Harley's parents are killed in a car crash, she's desperate to find work so that she can support her little brother, Elliott. Pretending to be twenty-one, Harley accepts a role as a teacher - at a school for delinquents. It's tough - but life gets even more complicated when Harley starts to have feelings for not one, but two of her students . . .

The Herring Girls

Theresa Tomlinson (Author)

The herring girls sort and pack the catch of fish every day at Whitby and thirteen-year-old Dora has always held a romantic notion of joining them. Then a family tragedy forces Dora into the job she's secretly dreamed about and the brutal reality of being a herring girl strikes. It's a tough life but Dora is detemined to be successful.

A-Z Mysteries - The Falcon's Feathers

Ron Roy (Author)

THE FALCON'S FEATHERS One day, Josh discovers a nest of endangered falcons and the gang decide to keep an eye on them, until they turn up later and they've disappeared! josh, Dink and Ruth Rose realise that there's something decidedly dodgy going on when, the next day, they see one of the falcons in the woods with it's wing clipped. . . . . Will the three young sleuths be able to uncover the mystery behind this bizarre birdie business?

A-Z Mysteries - The Bald Bandit

Ron Roy (Author)

When a `thin-on-top' thief robs Green Lawn Savings bank, Dink and his friends, Josh and Ruth Rose, are ready to offer their diligent detective expertise - after all, there's a reward! All they've got to do is track down a little red-headed kid who videotaped the crime -easy! Well, no, not if this certain little person doesn't want to be found - and they've got to find him quick - before the bald bandit does. . . !

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home: Oscar's Story

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (Author)

Natasha is a very kind but serious little girl. She doesn't really like going too high on the swings, or walking along walls like the rest of her friends. Her older brother on the other hand is a total daredevil - and her three-year-old sister is completely fearless, too. Sometimes Natasha feels like she spends all her time trying to make sure they don't hurt themselves (even though Mum tells her she should relax a bit more!).

When adorable ginger kitten Oscar arrives from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, he's already used a few of his nine lives - and seems intent on using up the rest too! He's had a tough start in life - someone found him sleeping rough outside a fish and chip shop when he was only a few days old - but that hasn't affected his naughty nature. Oscar's always getting himself into scrapes: chasing the neighbour's dog (and getting chased up a tree in return!), falling into the bath and even following Natasha all the way to school one day... Natasha loves her daredevil kitten, but she worries about him all the time. Will his latest daring adventure (and his safe return) prove to her that maybe being a bit naughty can be good for you?

Arsenic For Tea

Robin Stevens (Author)

From the author of Murder Most Unladylike.

Schoolgirl detectives Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are at Daisy's home, Fallingford, for the holidays. Daisy's glamorous mother is throwing a tea party for Daisy's birthday, and the whole family is invited, from eccentric Aunt Saskia to dashing Uncle Felix. But it soon becomes clear that this party isn't really about Daisy at all. Naturally, Daisy is furious.

Then one of their party falls seriously, mysteriously ill - and everything points to poison.

With wild storms preventing anyone from leaving, or the police from arriving, Fallingford suddenly feels like a very dangerous place to be. Not a single person present is what they seem - and everyone has a secret or two. And when someone very close to Daisy looks suspicious, the Detective Society must do everything they can to reveal the truth . . . no matter the consequences.

Beneath Burning Mountain

Theresa Tomlinson (Author)

The family live and work in the shadow of smouldering fires formed in the creation of alum. The life is hard, at times desperate; a landslide leaves them homeless and the King's Press Gang threatens to take their brother. This moving tale of personal courage and community strength brings the past to life with touching humanity.

A-Z Mysteries - The Empty Envelope

Ron Roy (Author)

THE EMPTY ENVELOPE Dink keeps getting letters addressed to D. Duncan, but when he opens them they all start 'Dear Doris' and don't make any sense! Josh and Ruth Rose thinks someone's playing a trick on Dink, but Dink is sure there's more to it than that - especially after Doris Duncan turns up demanding her letters! What's so special about these envelopes? And will the gang be able to uncover the truth.

First Class Murder

Robin Stevens (Author) , Gemma Chan (Read by)

From the author of Murder Most Unladylike.

Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are taking a holiday on the world-famous Orient Express - and it's clear that each of their fellow first-class passengers has something to hide. Even more intriguing: there is rumour of a spy in their midst.

Then, during dinner, there is a scream from inside one of the cabins. When the door is broken down, a passenger is found murdered, her stunning ruby necklace gone. But the killer has vanished - as if into thin air.

Daisy and Hazel are faced with their first ever locked-room mystery - and with competition from several other sleuths, who are just as determined to crack the case.

Gold Rush

Jordan Lynde (Author)

When hot, talented, uber-famous boy band Gold enroll at the prestigious Oakwood Academy, Iris is determined not to get distracted. She's class president and a scholarship student, and she can't let her grades drop. Besides, there are plenty of other girls who are desperate to get close to Gold - including Iris's best friend, Chloe.

But on their first day at Oakwood, Iris is asked to show Gold around - and finds out gorgeous lead singer Rian will be sharing her locker . . .

Surrounded by fans and paparazzi at every turn, Noah, Luke and Rian love that Iris treats them just like normal guys. But being friends with three of the most famous people in the world comes with its problems. And when Iris begins to realize she has feelings for one of them, things get even more complicated . . .

The Inferior

Peadar O'Guilin (Author)


Stopmouth and his family know of no other life than the daily battle to survive. To live they must hunt rival species, or negotiate flesh-trade with those who crave meat of the freshest human kind.

It is a savage, desperate existence. And for Stopmouth, considered slow-witted hunt-fodder by his tribe, the future looks especially bleak. But then, on the day he is callously betrayed by his brother, a strange and beautiful woman falls from the sky.

It is a moment that will change his destiny, and that of all humanity, forever.

With echoes of Tarzan, Conan and the Truman Show, Peadar Ó Guilín's debut is an action and ideas packed blockbuster that will challenge your perceptions of humanity and leave you hungry for more.

A-Z Mysteries - The Deadly Dungeon

Ron Roy (Author)

THE DEADLY DUNGEON Dink and friends are determined not to be freaked out when they stay in a haunted castle. But do the screams coming from behind the walls really belong to a ghost? And what is that strange light in the woods at night?

A-Z Mysteries - The Absent Author

Ron Roy (Author)

THE ABSENT AUTHOR Dink writes to his favourite mystery author, Wallis Wallace, and asks him to come and visit Green Lawn. To his surprise, Wallis Wallace says yes, and the only thing that will stop him is if he's kidnapped! So, when the big day arrives and there's no sign of Wallis Wallace, Dink just can't help wondering. . . Hmmm. . . sounds like a mystery for Dink and his two best friends, Josh and Ruth Rose, to uncover!

Child of the May

Theresa Tomlinson (Author)

No one is ever going to crush fiery Magda's independent streak. She yearns for the thrill of adventure and when her chance comes to fight alongside Robert, the hooded. . . she's going to take it. Magda is also a child of the May, conceived after a night of springtime revelry, when the magical Green man emerges from the forest, and she is doubly precious for that. This stirring sequel to The Forest Wife continues Theresa Thomlinson's compelling account of life amongst the outlaws in Robin Hood's Sherwood Forest.

Alfie Gets in First and Other Stories

Shirley Hughes (Author) , Roger Allam (Read by), Roy McMillan (Read by)

Meet Alfie and Annie Rose, Mum and Dad, Chessie the cat, the MacNallys down the road, and many many more, in this wonderful collection of 10 best-loved Alfie stories by Shirley Hughes. Read by Roger Allam and Roy Mcmillan.
Includes: Alfie Gets in First, Alfie’s Feet, An Evening at Alfie’s, Alfie Gives a Hand, Alfie and the Big Boys, Alfie Wins a Prize, All About Alfie, Alfie’s Christmas, Alfie Outdoors and Alfie and the Birthday Surprise.

Daisy and the Trouble With Jack

Kes Gray (Author)

Daisy can't believe it! Mrs Peters is making her sit next to Jack Beechwhistle - the worst boy in the school, and possibly the whole world!

Jack is so mad! Mrs Peters is making him sit next to Daisy Butters - she's such an annoying blabber!

As the school day goes on, Daisy and Jack think of more and more ways to get one up on each other. Then they both have a brilliant idea!

Trouble is, Daisy and Jack might be more alike than they realized . . .

A funny, mischievous and totally troublesome tale for girls and boys, written and published specially for World Book Day 2016.

Pony Tails 3 : Corey's Pony Is Missing

Bonnie Bryant (Author)

When Corey goes to stay with her father for a few days, May and Jasmine promise to keep an eye on Samurai, her pony. Corey knows that no-one could take better care of Sam than her two pony-crazy friends in the Pony Tails.

But shortly after Corey leaves, Samurai disappears from his stable! What has happened to Corey’s pony? How could May and Jasmine have let him get away? And, most important of all, will they be able to find Samurai?

From the author of the bestselling series, The Saddle Club.

Pony Tails 5: May Takes The Lead

Bonnie Bryant (Author)

May Grover is sick and tired of being treated like a little kid. Her two older sisters, Ellie and Dottie, tease her all the time, especially about being pony-crazy. When May is chosen to lead the Pony Parade at Pine Hollow Stables, she decides to prove to Ellie and Dottie that she’s a serious rider. What May doesn’t know if that her sisters have a surprise of their own in store!

From the author of the bestselling series, The Saddle Club.

Pony Tails 7: Jasmine Trots Ahead

Bonnie Bryant (Author)

The Pony Tails are excited when their riding teacher, Max Regnery, announces a plan to pair each younger rider with an older rider for a week. Then there’ll be a competition to see who’s learned the most – complete with rosettes! Jasmine is thrilled when she discovers she is to work with Carole Hanson, the best rider at Pine Hollow Stables. But another younger member, Erin Mosley, is jealous. Will Erin’s nasty schemes ruin Jasmine’s chances of winning a rosette? Not if the Pony Tails can help it!

From the author of the bestselling series, The Saddle Club.

Pony Tails 9: Corey And The Spooky Pony

Bonnie Bryant (Author)

It’s Halloween, and the Pony Tails are planning a big party and hayride at Corey’s house. The best part is they’re going trick-or-treating on horseback. But when Corey’s pony, Samurai, starts to act up whenever a pony named Midnight is near, Corey begins to worry. Something is spooking Sam – and it’s not just Halloween ghosts and goblins!

From the author of the bestselling series, The Saddle Club.

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