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The Shadow Man

Carole Lloyd (Author)

From when he first sees him as a tall shadowy figure through the glass front-door, Matt has never trusted his mum's boyfriend Ian. Although it's obvious that Matt's mum and little sister Sara both adore him, Matt resents how quickly Ian has made himself at home. So when Ian disappears with Sara, Matt is sure that his suspicions have been right all along...that Ian has vanished back into the shadows - but this time with Sara.

More From Black Beauty's Family

Josephine Pullein-Thompson (Author) , Diana Pullein-Thompson (Author) , Christine Pullein Thompson (Author)

Nightshade, born during the reign of George the Third, tells of his adventures as a highly successful racehorse and the challenges of being a highwayman's steed. Black Romany describes the thrill of the hunt and undertakes an amazing cross-country journey encountering ghosts, thieves and swollen rivers. Blossom's life begins with hardship when she is removed from her mother as a young foal and sold to a coal merchant. However the story ends with her being 'the bravest of them all'. Each story is set in an historical context describing the lives and hardships of the characters involved.

The Summer Of The Haunting

William Corlett (Author)

If your mum is a top interior designer it is not unusual to spend the summer holidays in someone else's house whilst 'mother dear' gets on with doing it up. In this case it is Borthwick Hall, an 18th century country house in a remote area of North Yorkshire. All is not as it seems, and when doors starts slamming shut of their own accord and lights go unexpectedly on and off, Emma tries her best to explain why in a rational manner; but when the breathing, voices and unbearable chiding laughter starts her slight uneasiness turns to a gripping fear.

The Green Ship

Quentin Blake (Author)

Two children find the Green Ship when they climb over the wall into what is more like a forest than a garden. The ship has bushes for bows and stern and its funnels are trees; a small garden shed on an ancient stump is the wheel house and in command of the ship is the owner of the garden, old Mrs Tredegar. Throughout the summer she and the Bosun and the two children sail the Seven Seas visiting exotic faraway places and having wonderful adventures.

Dr. Dolittle's Post Office

Hugh Lofting (Author)

When Doctor Dolittle discovers that animals from all over the world want to communicate with each other, he has the fantastic idea of setting up the Swallow Mail, the fastest postal service ever.

Dr. Dolittle's Return

Hugh Lofting (Author)

At long last, the anxious watchers at Puddleby-on-the-Marsh see the signal which means that Doctor Dolittle is on his way back from the moon!

To everyone's surprise, the Doctor arrives on the back of an enormous locust - and he, too, has reached an enormous size through years of living on the moon.

Explainations and thrilling tales of adventure follow the Doctor's return . . .

Jesus' Christmas Party

Nicholas Allan (Author)

A special new enlarged edition of the bestselling Christmas story told from the point of view of the grumpy innkeeper. When a night of angels, shepherds and bright stars keeps him from his sleep, is there anything that will cheer him up?

Dr. Dolittle And The Secret Lake

Hugh Lofting (Author)

Doctor Dolittle is determined to continue the work he started on the Moon to find the secret of everlasting life. But to carry on, he must consult Mudface, the ancient turtle who lives in the Secret Lake in Africa. And when the doctor hears that Mudface has been burried during an Earthquake, the Doctor's journey becomes an emergancy rescue mission

Dr. Dolittle In The Moon

Hugh Lofting (Author)

Doctor Dolittle's travels take him to the Moon! And there's a whole new world of animals and plants to study, with whispering vines and singing forests. But back on Earth, the Doctor's friends wonder if he'll ever come home again . . .

Toys in Space

Mini Grey (Author)

What happens when you leave your toys out in the garden at night? They get beamed into space - that's what! Join our plucky band as they explore the cosmos, and help out one lonely alien along the way...

Ug : Boy Genius Of The Stone Age And His Search For Soft Trousers

Raymond Briggs (Author)

Ug and his parents are living in the Stone Age. And that means stone blankets, stone cold food, an even colder cave and, worst of all, hard stone trousers! Being an inquisitive and intelligent child, Ug suggests a series of modifications to improve the quality of family life. His ideas about heating, cooking, boats, and balls that actually bounce are met with a hostile reaction by his parents who don't know what he's going on about. Even Ug himself is occasionally unsure of the purpose of his inventions - his round stone that rolls down the hill is great, but what is it actually for? With the help of his father, who is slowly coming round to his son's way of thinking, Ug comes tantalisingly close to his ultimate garment goal, only to find that there are some obstacles even a boy genius can't overcome.

Off To The Fair

Christopher Wormell (Author)

Mrs Elephant, Mrs Walrus and Mr Bear are off to town again; this time to go to the fair. But they keep seeing other attractions that take their fancy - shops, a caf-, the park, the cinema. When they finally arrive the fair is closed for the night and everyone has gone home. Bitterly disappointed (especially Mr Bear) the animals decide to sleep outside the fair, until they are let in by the man who unlocks the gates in the morning.

The Creepy Tale

Ritchie Perry (Author)

Just the thought of the place made Tom’s hair stand on end. Ever since the terrible murders all those years ago, the Manson house, huge, forbidding and very possibly haunted, had been cloaked in a shroud of mystery and evil.

Tom knew he should have put his foot down at Laura’s crazy plan, but he couldn’t let his own twin sister think he was scared. Now they were going to the house, alone and at twilight. It was a good thing ghosts were just a figment of the imagination – or were they…?

The Animal Rescue Squad - Kitten Alert

Ellen Weiss (Author) , Mel Friedman (Author)

Best friends Eliza, Lisa, Molly and Abby are passionate for all things furry, four-legged or feathered. They are THE ANIMAL RESCUE SQUAD. Their mission? To fight for the rights of all animals great and small. . . It's love at first sight when Eliza meets Sebastian - he's SO cute! He's a tiny black kitten, and he's so adorable, the gang can't imagine anyone wanting to harm him. But when Sebastian falls ill from poisoning the girls decide he's a case for the Squad - and they've got a prime suspect targeted, their evil neighbour Mrs Gresham. . .

Mrs Pepperpot's Outing

Alf Proysen (Author)

A day out in the countryside is never an ordinary outing if Mrs Pepperpot's involved. First, she has to be rescued from a mountain of ice cream by an abandoned kitten. Then she has to use her wits to outsmart a crafty fox and rescue a puppy from the circus. In fact she shrinks five times - and Mr Pepperpot hardly notices a thing!

A compilation of four fantastic short stories including: Mrs Pepperpot’s Outing; Mrs Pepperpot Has a Visitor From America; Gapy Gob Gets a Letter From the King; Mrs Pepperpot and the Budgerigar.

Little Sister 10: Summer Camp

Allan Frewin Jones (Author)

No school! No Amanda! Bliss! Stacy's looking forward to her holiday at a summer camp - a whole month away from big sister Amanda and all the blabber-mouthed Bimbos! But then the biggest disaster of the century happens: the sisters end up at the SAME CAMP! Who's going to suffer the most? Stacy? Amanda? Or the rest of the campers?!?


Andrew Matthews (Author)

Katie is fifteen, and in the library of all places on a hot August day. She is searching the WLTM (would like to meet) columns for a partner- not for herself but for her mum. And it is this search which forms the basis of a wonderful new romantic comedy from this fine writer.

I Capture The Castle

Dodie Smith (Author)

Cassandra Mortmain is no ordinary teenager. She belongs to an extraordinary family including a father suffering from writer's block and a lute-playing stepmother, Topaz, who communes with nature near the wild, tumble-down castle that is their home. Cassandra's diary reveals how their lives are changed forever two American brothers arrive to lay claim, not only to their home, but also their hearts.

Polly Price's Totally Secret Diary: Mum in Love

Dee Shulman (Author)

I had been looking forward to going to France in the Easter holidays for weeks. Admittedly it meant going with Mum and her annoying, yuckily young, French boyfriend, Almond. But I knew we would be staying at Almond's parents' place: A CHATEAU! Everyone knows 'chat' means 'cat' in French - so I couldn't wait... 2 whole weeks in a houseful of cats! I love animals!

"Tragically things NEVER work out as you expect. Instead of a houseful of cats it turned out to be a houseful of Almond's annoying, totally weird French family. Before I had time to squeak 'murder,' I was on the ghastly trail of a heartless criminal. Could I, Polly Price, uncover the truth? Well - not if I was the chief suspect. And not if I starved to death trying to find my way through long, murky corridors to breakfast. I knew I was in a race against time. And I didn't even have a watch.

Arctic Adventure

Willard Price (Author)

'Adrift in a savage land of ice and snow'

Hal and Roger Hunt are colder than they've ever been in their lives, up among the ice floes of Greenland. This harsh land holds many dangers, from killer whales to grizzly bears, but an evil man may turn out to be the deadliest threat the boys have to face.

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