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Ferris Fleet the Wheelchair Wizard

Annie Dalton (Author) , Carl Pearce (Illustrator)

Oscar's mum moves the family to Planet Nine hoping for a quiet life. But it's not to be...
Mum is soon called back to her very important job at the Cosmic Peace Police and needs to find a baby-sitter for Oscar and baby Ruby. They choose Ferris Fleet, the coolest, funkiest young magician ever seen, and his magical wheelchair, Wonderwheels.

An exciting futuristic adventure story, featuring an enterprising young boy and his good friend, the magician in a wheelchair.

When Betsy Came to Babysit

Elizabeth Dale (Author) , Zoe Waring (Illustrator)

"I don't know anything about babysitting," Betsy says to Ria and Josh.
So the children let her know all the wild things that they get up to when they have a babysitter. But Ria and Josh discover they aren't the only ones who can be wild...

A fantastic, funny reminder that sometimes being good can be the most fun of all.


Verna Allette Wilkins (Author) , Tim Clarey (Illustrator)

Troy and Nina are sent home early from school because of a hurricane warning. Instead of going straight home, they stop to visit a friend. They get caught up in the terrible storm and don't get home until well after dark.

This exciting adventure vividly brings to life the effects of a hurricane on a small tropical island. A great cross-over title for the classroom as a tool for discussing weather and its devastating effects.

Reading between the Lions

Gillian Swordy (Author)

A rhyming tale about a boy called Lionel who is constantly tormented by school bully Picky Pete. Lionel is lucky enough to have two stone lions in his garden who talk! They give him some memorable advice about standing up for himself and encourage him to face the bully. Lionel wins the day and realises that bullies are not so tough after all.

Jellybean Goes to School

Margaret Roc (Author) , Laura Hughes (Illustrator)

Jellybean is a little girl longing to learn about the world and make friends. But is she ready to leave Mum behind and start school? At first Jellybean is nervous, but her new teacher brings magic into the classroom. And Jellybean's imagination brings her new surroundings to life in many wild and wonderful ways.

An inspiring must-read for all children about to start school or nursery.

Big Eyes, Scary Voice

Edel Wignell (Author) , Carl Pearce (Illustrator)

Tania and Josh hear a scary voice calling in the park at sunset. They look and they listen and have an amazing twilight adventure. The park is full of strange shadows and things that look like eyes. The children, followed closely by Mum, wander through the falling light looking for the source of the scary voice. There are all sorts of things that lead them astray but in the end they find it... It's a mother owl with her babies sitting high up in a tree.

The Bush

Bernard Ashley (Author), Lynne Willey (Illustrator)

Joyce and her family live in Uganda. One day her mother arrives home with a pair of rabbits. They soon have babies and Joyce becomes very fond of them. Especially one, which she names Kipenzi. When Mum says that she's going to take them to 'The Bush', a misunderstanding leads to an exciting chain of events.

A warm family story told by Bernard Ashley.

Miss Bubble's Troubles

Malaika Rose Stanley (Author)

Miss Bubble is a super-cool teacher at Topley Primary School. The children in Rainbow Class have lots of fun with her. When Miss Bubble ends up in a spot of trouble, her parrot Shriek and her cat Milkshake try their best to help. But they need Rainbow Class to come to the rescue...

A story in rhyme about a great teacher and her class.

Why Can't I Play

Elizabeth Hawkins (Author) , Bill Bolton (Illustrator)

It's the summer holidays, and a new girl arrives at the park. She's mean and bossy. She boasts about her house, with its lake full of boy-eating crocodiles, its dungeon towers and worse hazards. When the new girl's mother hands out party invitations, the children are naturally not so keen. Their parents think the party is a lovely idea and they agree to take the children.

The new girl's house does not have any horrible hazards, and the party is great fun. When it comes to blowing out the candles, the new girl makes a wish... that she can play with the children.

A Welcome Song for Baby

Marsha Diane Arnold (Author) , Sophie Allsopp (Illustrator)

Mummy's tummy is growing round -- the new baby's coming. What will I do, I wonder, to welcome the new baby?

As the seasons pass, Emma makes her own song from the sounds she hears, all to share with her new little brother when he finally arrives. This sweet, lyrical story is a celebration of sounds and seasons, nature and family.

A beautiful, reassuring book, perfect for any child preparing for a new little sister or brother.

Girl Wonder and the Terrific Twins

Malorie Blackman (Author)

When Maxine has a plan, you can be sure it involves her twin brothers Anthony and Edward. You can also be sure it involves BIG TROUBLE!

Nine fantastically funny short stories, perfect for building confidence in new readers, whether reading aloud or reading alone.

Girl Wonder's Winter Adventures

Malorie Blackman (Author)

From scaring Mum at Halloween to building the biggest snowball the world's ever seen - Maxine always has a super plan and needs the help of her twin brothers, Anthony and Edward. Together the super siblings make all sorts of mischief . . . Can they fix it before Mum finds out?

These seven funny short stories are perfect for building confidence in new readers, whether reading alone or reading aloud.

Girl Wonder to the Rescue

Malorie Blackman (Author)

Birthday-present burglars, a Tooth Fairy mystery, and an abandoned puppy - no adventure is too great for Maxine, also known as Girl Wonder!

This collection of seven funny short stories is perfect for building confidence in new readers, whether reading aloud or reading alone.

More Stories Julian Tells

Ann Cameron (Author)

Did you know that frogs wear shoes?

That eating broccoli makes you super strong?
Or that you can even move the sun if you put your mind to it?

Julian can’t stop telling stories – or getting into trouble!

Nina and the Kung-Fu Adventure

Madhvi Ramani (Author)

Nina’s schoolfriend Lee is in trouble, so she must borrow her aunt’s travelling spice shed and head to Beijing. Now they are both on a great adventure involving a kung fu master, a yellow snake and a mysterious riddle . . .


Malorie Blackman (Author)

Poor Fangs, the tarantula, is terribly lonely and bored with her life in the pet-shop. So when Nathan takes her home, she's more than excited about her new life. But before Nathan can introduce his new pet to his family, he's going to need her help to convince them that spiders aren't just creepy and crawly . . . They're beautiful and brave too!

This funny story from the Children's Laureate, Malorie Blackman, is perfect for building confidence in young readers - whether reading aloud or reading alone.

Nina and the Travelling Spice Shed

Madhvi Ramani (Author)

Did you know that Nina's aunt's spice shed is a travel machine?

Well neither did Nina - and now she's head first into a great adventure involving a lost envelope, a charming street thief, a glamorous Bollywood star and a fierce tiger . . .


Candy Gourlay (Author)

Monsters are in the eye of the beholder.

Rosa suffers from a rare condition that renders her mute. She lives on the strange island of Mirasol where the rain never seems to stop.

In the gloom of the island, its superstitious population are haunted by all sorts of fears . . . they shun people who suffer from Rosa's condition, believing them to be monsters. So Rosa must live hidden away in an isolated house with its back to the rest of the world, with only the internet for a social life.

But Rosa has no desire to leave Mirasol. This is where her mother died and every night she lights a candle on the windowsill. The islanders believe this is the way to summon ghosts, and Rosa wants her mother back.

One day she is befriended by a boy online who calls himself Ansel95 – and she quickly realizes that this is one friendship that can take place in the real world. Can she really trust him? What does he want from her?

And then Mother turns up at the front door.

From the author of the critically-acclaimed Tall Story comes a haunting, intense and moving novel which weaves myths and ghosts into a modern setting. As Rosa's social life blossoms, how will she seize the freedom to be who she really is?


Bali Rai (Author)

JIT can’t be bothered with school. His mum’s new boyfriend is doing his head in, and the last thing on his mind is dealing with lessons and homework. He needs the gang’s help, and fast . . .

SUKY and Imi have been going out for ages. But there’s trouble in paradise – namely, Suky’s strict parents. A whole load of drama is about to kick off . . .

Two great stories from the Devana High gang.

Tiger Tells All

Ann Cameron (Author) , Lauren Castillo (Illustrator)

See the world through a dog’s eyes – and nose!

Tiger loves his Human family, especially his Boy, Huey. But whenever he tries to speak to them, all they can hear is “YERF!”

Poor Tiger can never get his point across – even when he has very important things to say.
About eating Dad’s socks,
chasing squirrels
. . . or saving Fiona the Cat!

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