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Three in a Bed

Andrew Croker (Author)

Sam Plummer is the undisputed tabloid king.
But someone is trying to dethrone him.

As news editor of one of the biggest red-top Sunday papers, Sam Plummer is no stranger to sex and scandal. When he breaks a sensationally juicy, full-blown political scoop – a Tory peer exposed in a Black Sea love nest with a pair of stunning Ukrainian women a third his age – everything goes spectacularly wrong.

Caught at his own game, Sam is cast adrift – but he refuses to go quietly, convinced there is a larger conspiracy at play. Pursued by the paparazzi, police and MI6, and finding he is now the one in the spotlight, Sam must dig deep into a shady world of sex, spies and entrapment to uncover the plot to destroy him.

To discover the truth, he must rely on his resourceful ex-military bodyguard, his long-retired mentor, and the disarmingly beautiful lawyer he was just starting to get to know… but can he be sure that anyone is as they seem?

In this high-octane comedy thriller, Andrew Croker reminds us you can't always believe what you see in the news… or in real life.

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