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Deadly Affairs

Juliet Hastings (Author)

Eddie Drax is a successful businessman with a short fuse and a taste for big blondes. A lot of people don’t like him: ex-girlfriends, business rivals, even his colleagues. He’s not an easy man to like.

When Eddie is found asphyxiated at the wheel of his garaged Porshe, DCI John Anderson investigates – not surprisingly, Eddie’s death wasn’t suicide.

Suppressing his distaste, Anderson becomes involved in Drax’s circle of passionate women and jealous husbands. The opportunity to renew his acquaintance with Catherine Marshall, Drax’s demure accountant, is a considerable consolation for Anderson. And he’s confident he’ll find the killer. Instead, he discovers romance, seduction, a lesbian couple with dark secrets – and another murder.

The Great Crime Of Grapplewick

Eric Sykes (Author)

Another tale from Grapplewick. The mayor is also chief of the fire brigade and bandmaster of the brass band. Into this world comes Terence, a crook fresh from jail. Commander Wilson Brown is determined to be the new mayor and he and the band are drawn into Terence's web of intrigue.

Classic Adventures According to Spike Milligan

Spike Milligan (Author)

'Spike Milligan wrote the book on today's sense of humour'

'But why keep me in the dark, Holmes?'
'It saves electicity, Watson.'

'What is a black spot? Is it an accident?'

'He gave a groan and he was alive! He spoke as he sat up, 'Have you got a fag, mate?'

Welcome to the world of the classic adventure story, hilariously retold by legendary comic Spike Milligan. Relive Robin Hood, in which Little John becomes Big Dick and the Merry Men are joined by Groucho Marx. give yourself the willies with Frankenstein, whose monster comes to life craving a cigarette. join Sherlock Holmes for The Hound Of Baskervilles, where Guinness and Newcastle Brown are taken intravenously and a woman cries in the night. Thrill to Black Beauty as told by the horse himself. And the hunt for buried treasure with Long John Silver, Jim Hawkins and ... Groucho Marx in Treasure Island.
Spike Milligan, the much-loved entertainer, broadcaster and writer, was widely regarded as the most influential British comedian since the Second World War. On his death in 2002, he was remembered as an 'irreverent and hysterical presence' by Prince Charles. Fellow comedian and writer Stephen Fry described Milligan's writing as 'abosutely immortal'.

The Eric Sykes Compendium

Eric Sykes (Author)

The Eric Sykes Compendium is a bumper edition of three novels from the comedy genius:

Smelling of Roses - Sparks and Miller are two ordinary soldiers desperate to avoid war who can hardly believe their bad luck when they hit the headlines as fullblown heroes.
The Great Crime of Grapplewick - The sleepy northern town of Grapplewick is turned on its head when clueless criminals Terence and Rembrandt turn up seeking revenge.
UFOs are Coming Wednesday - When a mysterious visitor demonstrates his amazing alien powers to the local dignitaries of Grapplewick, rumours fly and hysteria mounts.

With characters and situations that are pure Sykes, this volume is a bundle of laughs.

New Erotica 3

A collection of extracts from a dozen stories by popular and established Nexus authors. This includes the story of a jaded young woman looking for excitement who becomes the slave of a cruel and dominant mistress.

The Sex Killers

Norman.Lucas (Author)

In this book crime reporter Norman Lucas, with help of forensic psychiatrist Dr Arthur Hyatt Williams, examines the cases of thirty sex killers including -
* Pauline and Juliet, the teenage lesbians whose bizarre fantasies ended in murder
* Peter Kuerton, the 'Monster of Dusseldorf'
* Sylvestre Matuschka, the Hungarian multiple-killer who found sexual satisfaction amidst the carnage of train crashes
* Gordon Cummins, the 'Ripper of the Blitz'
* Neville Heath, the 'Casanova Killer'

The Book Of Stupid Lists

This is the ultimate collection of the most useless, bizarre and stupid lists ever compiled. Divided into categories such as Love, Sex and Marriage, Home Sweet Home and Wage Slaves and including 10 Things You Should Definitely Insist On When Having a Vasectomy, 10 Things You Don't Want to Live Next Door To and 11 Stupid Things to Tell Foreign Tourists in London, this is the most surreal compilation of crazy ideas to make it into print.

New Erotica 4

In the following pages you'll find some of the finest erotic writing available anywhere. The Nexus imprint has continued to grow and change to reflect the more sophisticated demands of its readers, and now features tales dealing with the most bizarre extremes of sexual activity.

Ufos Are Coming Wednesday

Eric Sykes (Author)

The universe is at risk and a message is sent to Earth - "UFOs are coming Wednesday". Is this a hoax, and if so who is the mysterious visitor to Norman Waterhouse's barber shop in Grapplewick, Lancashire?

Steve Jobs: Insanely Great

Jessie Hartland (Author)

Enter the world of Steve Jobs -- disrupter, icon, hero -- and be inspired by his fascinating life presented here as a graphic novel.

This fast-paced and entertaining biography is a perfect complement to text-heavy books on Steve Jobs like Walter Isaacson’s biography. Steve Jobs is the subject of a major movie project this Autumn, and this graphic telling of his life-story presents him as the ultimate American entrepreneur, who brought us Apple Computer, Pixar, Macs, iPods, iPhones and more. It's a unique and stylish book, sure to appeal to the legions of readers who live and breathe the perfect blend of technology and design that Jobs created.

Jobs’s remarkable life reads like a history of the personal technology industry. He started Apple Computer in his parents’ garage and eventually became the tastemaker of a generation, creating products we can’t live without. Through it all, he was an overbearing and demanding perfectionist, both impossible and inspiring.

Capturing his unparalleled brilliance, as well as his many demons, Jessie Hartland’s engaging biography illuminates the meteoric successes, devastating setbacks, and myriad contradictions that make up the extraordinary life and legacy of the insanely great Steve Jobs.

My Fault

Billy Childish (Author)

Born into the emerging middle classes of the 1950s, Billy Childish takes us on a nightmarish voyage through a childhood blighted by mental and sexual abuse. Stumbling onward into adolescence he lays bare a young man's desperate attempts to make sense of a world distorted by alcohol, bullies and yes men, This striking first novel, or 'creative confession', is at turns hilarious and harrowing. Laced with lindes of unforgettable peotry it is that rare and wonderful thing - a book which had to be written.

Badjelly The Witch

Spike Milligan (Author)

Badjelly The Witch can turn children into sausages or chop them up to make boy-girl soup. She can turn policemen into apple trees or bananas into mice and she is the wickedest witch in all the world.

Searching for Lucy, their cow, Tim and Rose become lost in the great black forest. There they meet Binklebonk the Tree Goblin, Mudwiggle the worm, Silly Sausage the grasshopper and Dinglemouse. When they are captured by Badjelly, it is Dinglemouse who saves them by escaping and fetching his friend Jim the Giant Eagle.

A charming fairy tale which has delighted children for many years, this edition is copiously illustrated with Spike Milligan's own drawings which have been specially adapted and beautifully hand coloured.

The Most Beautiful Woman in Town

Charles Bukowski (Author)

Surfacing from the literary underground, Bukowski's wild and immortal stories have become cult favourites. This collection of anecdotal short stories demonstrates Bukowski's compelling semi-autobiographical style and his mastery of visceral language and the depiction of seamy underworlds.

Focusing on themes that recur throughout his work, from Los Angeles and bar culture to alcoholism, gambling, sex and violence, these pieces also introduce unexpected elements of fantasy and surrealism.

Tales of Ordinary Madness

Charles Bukowski (Author)

Inspired by D.H. Lawrence, Chekhov and Hemingway, Bukowski's writing is passionate, extreme and has attracted a cult following, while his life was as weird and wild as the tales he wrote. This collection of short stories gives an insight into the dark, dangerous lowlife of Los Angeles that Bukowski inhabited.

From prostitutes to classical music, Bukowski ingeniously mixes high and low culture in his 'tales of ordinary madness'. These are angry yet tender, humorous and haunting portrayals of life in the underbelly of Los Angeles.


Charles Bukowski (Author)


Low life writer and alcoholic Henry Chinaski was born to survive. Now, at the age of fifty, he is living the life of a rock star, running three hundred hangovers a year and a sex life that would cripple Casanova. Women is a riotous and uncompromisingly vivid account of life on the edge.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

L. Frank Baum (Author)

When Dorothy and her little dog Toto are caught in a tornado, they and their Kansas
farmhouse are suddenly transported to Oz, where Munchkins live, monkeys fly and Wicked Witches rule. Desperate to return home, and with the Wicked Witch of the West on their trail, Dorothy and Toto - together with new friends the Tin Woodsman, Scarecrow and cowardly Lion - embark on a fantastic quest along the Yellow Brick Road in search of the Emerald City. There they hope to meet the legendary, all-powerful Wizard of Oz, who alone may hold the power to grant their every wish.

Just as captivating as it was a hundred years ago, this is a story that all ages will love.

Where Have all the Cowboys Gone?: A Rouge Erotic Romance

Kate Pearce (Author)

What happens in Vegas…

It’s one thing to have a one night stand with a sexy stranger …it’s quite another to marry him.

But that’s what city-slicker Lauren Redstone does, waking up the morning after with a hot cowboy for a husband.

As far as she’s concerned, last night never happened, but Grayson wants to give their hasty marriage a try…

Rouge X - red-hot romance just got steamier!

You Are a Miserable Excuse for a Hero

Bob Powers (Author)

The Just Make a Choice Adventure Series is narrated by 'You', i.e. every ambivalent thirty-something on the planet. You want to make choices and define your life but what if you get it wrong? What if you can't go back and do it over again?

In You Are a Miserable Excuse for a Hero the pretty girl you went out with last night has been kidnapped and you're expected to save her. Trouble is, what if saving her from the kidnappers will look like some sort of commitment?

Luckily, every chapter offers you a variety of chances to save the girl, or to give up and run away. By making choices about the fate of Julia, you will also find yourself re-evaluating your life in a way you've been trying to avoid since leaving school. It's your story. All you have to do is make a choice!

Ten Fantasies

Abi Titmuss (Author)

What does Abi Titmuss really fantasise about?
Who are the men - and women - that turn her on? What is she really thinking about during her most intimate moments?
For the first time, Abi Titmuss invites you to share her ten most private erotic fantasies. revealing and empowering each fantasy gives you a unique and sensational insight into a woman in touch with her vibrant sexuality.
Beyond the gossip, behind the rumours, beside the bed - Ten Fantasies shows how a stimulating, vivid erotic imagination can enhance your life.

The Ninety Days Of Genevieve

Lucinda Carrington (Author)

He is an arrogant, worldly entrepreneur who always gets what he wants.

And what he wants is for Genevieve to spend the next ninety days submitting to his every desire...

A dark, sensual tale of love and obsession.

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