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Angel of Death

Richard Shaw (Author)

When Victoria is called in to investigate the theft of valuable marble statues from a north London cemetery, she soon finds out the lives of the cemetery staff are as tangled as the undergrowth which surrounds them. Vic’s plan is to nail the thieves and stay out of harm’s way, but things don’t work out as she expects. A lot of surveillance work takes place at night-a time when the cemetery becomes dangerous. A maniac is on the loose, but nobody thinks to tell Victoria. Also, one of the management is having perverse liaisons among the gravestones with the security staff, and the rest of the workers are up to no good.
What begins as a routine job soon turns into a murder inquiry. A body is found which shouldn’t be in the ground yet. Unfortunately, the police are less than co-operative and when one of the grave diggers is charged with murder, Vic is convinced they’ve got the wrong man. To add to this, her current lover is getting friendly with the manipulative Chloe, the cemetery assistant manageress, and her family problems are escalating. How can Vic find time to see that justice is done and wrap up her own investigation?

Games of Deceit

Pan Pantziarka (Author)

DCI Vallance and Sarah Fairfax team up once again when an old friend of Sarah's claims someone at work is trying to kill her. But her squeaky clean colleagues don't tally with the violent attacks. When Vallance becomes sexually involved with Carol he discovers she has not been telling the truth.

The Medusa Effect

Justin Richards (Author)

Medusa - an experimental spaceship developed by the Advanced Research Department of St Oscar's University. Missing since it was launched, presumed lost in the wars, it was a project so secret that it has never been declassified.

Now, twenty years on, Medusa is coming home.

After one of the investigation team dies suspiciously, Professor Bernice Summerfield is assigned to help discover what went wrong. But to do so she must solve a riddle. What is the strange link between the original crew and the team now on board the drifting ship? And why do their ghosts still haunt Medusa?

Intimate Enemies

Juliet Hastings (Author)

There's something sexy about detectives - and it's time crime novels admitted it. Crime & Passion novels are fast-paced murder mysteries in the British tradition - but the detectives and their suspects have adult tastes and desires.

Francesca Lyons is found dead in her art gallery. The cause of death isn't obvious, but her bound hands suggest foul play. The previous evening she had an argument with her husband, she had sex with someone, and two men left messages on the gallery's answering machine. Detective Chief Inspector Anderson has plenty of suspects, but can't find anyone with a motive. When Stephanie Pinkney, an art researcher, is found dead in similar circumstances Anderson's colleagues are sure that the culprit is a serial killer.

But Anderson is convinced that the murders are connected with threads of jealousy and greed. Unravelling the threads leads him to Andrea Maguire, a vulnerable, sensual art dealer with a quick-tempered husband and unsatisfied desires.

Anderson can prove that Andrea isn't the killer. He tells himself that there can be no harm in becoming involved with her. But is he making an untypical and dangerous mistake?

With or Without You

Alison Tyler (Author)

Eleanor Romano, researcher and art historian, is known for being thoughtful and cautious. She rarely takes risks, choosing instead to live vicariously through her best friend Nora's sexual exploits. It's difficult to be spontaneous when you're constantly fact-checking, always questioning yourself, adding in the proper footnotes.

When Eleanor discovers an ancient Greek manuscript in the wreckage of an antique urn, she has no idea what doors it will open...starting with the door to L.A.'s exclusive club, The Pink Fedora, and leading to the office door of the famous, and sexy, British translator, Anthony Rule.

The Miseducation of Tabitha Stone

Emily Durkheim (Author)

Tabitha went off the rails young and never quite made it back. Now she's wasting her twenties in the most enjoyable way possible - spending her lawyer father's money and living the high-life among the glittering young things of L.A. But on her 24th birthday, she discovers that this life is about to come to an abrupt end. Her father's had enough and gives her an ultimatum: grad' college by the time she's 24, or she's disinherited.

Without credit cards, Tabitha finds herself enrolled at Adirondacks U, set in the wild mountains of the States' northern reaches. But Tabby still manages to discover temptation in the shape of Jake, a handsome senior, a rugged logger she meets in the woods and Mark, a professor.

Hairdos of the Mildly Depressed

Doug Crandell (Author)

Brad Orville has always wanted hair - lots of it, preferably thick and wavy - but he started going bald in the seventh grade. What makes it worse is the fact that his smart and charming brother Compton has a full head of gorgeous locks, still going strong as they enter middle age. But then Compton suffers a traumatic brain injury and Brad must take care of him 24/7. Yet Compton - even in his addled state - seems to somehow thrive, marrying the woman of his dreams, Peaches, while Brad turns to booze, Internet dating, and a toupee for solace. Happiness however might be a lot closer than Brad ever imagined, and it doesn't even involve fake hair.

Kiss Between My Lines

Anne Tourney (Author)

nfogeek Jordi can't break her addiction to her loaded laptop, her favorite source of secondhand stimulation. But when her laptop is stolen she's forced to get her fix at the library's computer terminals, and there she stumbles across a blog recounting the sexual adventures of a sultry love-addict called Dana. Jordi's and Dana's identity begin to mesh in bizarre ways and Jordi finds herself falling for Nolan, the insanely hot, renegade library page who's trying to help her figure out how she's connected to Dana. She's also drawn into a series of intense mind games with Steffan, an elusive older man who works at the reference desk and leads a secret life of his own. Meanwhile, Dana's adventures are growing wilder by the day, and Jordi can't stop slipping in to Dana's world to sample its stolen delights. Soon Jordi is way too busy to question her borrowed identity . . . until Dana steps up to reclaim it. Will Jordi be able to go back to the realities of flesh-life - and the possibility of true love - after spending time in Dana's sexy virtual skin?

A Waiting Game

Juliet Hastings (Author)

Kidnapping is a particularly cruel crime. Wealth and the friendship of the chief Constable are of no help to Robert and Joanna Hamilton when their young son and his nanny are held to ransom by an anonymous and ruthless gang. The Hamiltons insist that their case merits the attention of a senior police officer. John Anderson gets the job, and arranges the exchange of the hamiltons’ cash for young Robbie.
But nothing is a straightforward as it seems. Disloyalty and betrayal are everywhere; in the Hamilton household; in Anderson’s squad; in the kidnappers’ triangular affair of love and lust. Even the new woman in Anderson’s life can’t be trusted. The police operation goes catastrophically wrong, and Anderson has to take the blame. He sets out single-handed to track down the kidnappers, and finds himself in deadly danger.

A Moment Of Madness

Pan Pantziarka (Author)

Detective Chief Inspector Anthony Vallance and television journalist Sarah Fairfax meet for the first time in this novel. Vallance is investigating a death at the country mansion where Sarah is attending a course. Although they form low opinions of one another, they are drawn to each other.

Taming Jeremy

Anne Tourney (Author)

Jeremy was holding Tia so close that his body was all but melting into hers. His Hands slid up to the bend in her waist. She was supposed to be keeping this guy under control, but he was the one guiding her body as she made her first brush stroke. He was the one making her feel like she'd start acting like a wild thing as soon as he let her go.
Tia is an artist who dreams of painting the city with outrageously sexy murals. She has a job that she loves, working as an art therapist, and a new boyfriend who's giving her way more than her daily quota of time doing whatever she wants. The other half, she follows Mark's very explicit instructions. Tia thinks that her life is perfect- until she takes on a new project. Her roommate Noelle is desperate for help with her brother Jeremy. After dropping out of college, Jeremy needs guidance, supervision, and a place to live. Noelle thinks that Tia would be the perfect babysitter for a 22-year-old wild child. Suddenly she's caught in an erotic double-bind between Mark, the master of mind games, and Jeremy, the gifted and impulsive boy wonder.

Comic Book Movies - Virgin Film

David Hughes (Author)

The superheroes are back! Since the 1970s, the film world has found inspiration in comic books and graphic novels. These days no summer is complete without a major blockbuster movie based on a comic: Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, X-Men, Men in Black, Daredevil, and The Hulk. Modern special effects have made large-scale superhero epics possible, but the diversity of the comics being published has made for a wide variety of subjects, as evidenced by Ghost World, From Hell, Akira and Road to Perdition. This book looks in detail at twenty key titles, covering every step of the development from comic book panel to feature film frame. Includes interviews with key creative artists about the evolution of the films from the original comics, and speculates about future films.

Darker Than Love

Kristina Lloyd (Author) , Gracie Lockhart (Read by)

A lavish erotic historical set in 1875

The morals of Queen Victoria mean nothing to London's wayward and debauched elite. Young but naive Clarissa Longleigh is visiting London for the first time. She is eager to meet Lord Marldon - the man to whom she's been promised - knowing only that he's handsome, dark and sophisticated. In fact he is depraved, louche, and has a taste for sexual excess.

Clarissa has also struck up a friendship with a young Italian artist, Gabriel. When Marldon hears of this he is incensed, and imprisons Clarissa in his opulent London mansion. When Gabriel tries to free her, he too is captured and the young lovers find themselves at the mercy of the debauched lord.

Tiffany Twisted: A Rouge Erotic Romance

Alison Tyler (Author)

Ever dreamed that you could experience life as a man? Tiffany Mitchell is about to do just that!

When party planner Tiffany Mitchell wakes up in her boyfriend's body, she thinks she's having a bad dream. But no amount of coffee can wake her from the growing nightmare of being trapped in Kurt's 6-foot tall figure, and locked into his disorganised life.

Due to an absent-minded wish made over a magic candle, not only is Tiffany imprisoned inside her boyfriend's body, but Kurt is also struggling inside her own. Only time, a bit of New Orleans voodoo, and a growing mutual understanding can break the erotic spell that traps the two. But before they do Tiffany is determined to have some fun...

A Rouge X title, red-hot erotic romance from Rouge

Set Fire To Sicily

Jane Heritage (Author)

Marcello D'Estari, bastard son of a nobleman and a courtesan, is the most effective, most unmanageable and most amorous of the spies of the Venetian Republic.

To safeguard its position as the greatest Mediterranean power, Venice needs intelligence, and to gather intelligence it needs spies and informers - courageous, reckless men who can pass unnoticed among peasants and courtiers alike, who can speak the polyglot dialects of the Mediterranean ports, who can befriend noblemen and seduce their wives, and who can, if necessary, kill.

Marcello rarely enjoys the killing.

Set Fire To Sicily is his first recorded mission.

The Fourth Angel

Robin Hunter (Author)

A thoughtful and civilised man shouldn't have to make this choice.

Until the day his wife and children are gunned down by
terrorists, Simon Quarry knows what kind of man he is.

When the politicians and diplomats look the other way, he
becomes a hunter, guided by rage as much as by the desire for
justice. Wanted by the terrorists he's targeting as well as by the
police he’s evading, Quarry's grief for his murdered family
becomes the engine of his revenge.
A revenge that exacts a heavy price.

Silken Chains

Jodi Nicol (Author)

Fleeing from her scheming guardian and the prospect of a dull arranged marriage to a much older man, Abbie - a blonde and beautiful, but sexually innocent young Victorian woman - is thrown from her horse. On regaining consciousness, she finds herself in a great house which has been lavishly modelled on the palaces of Indian princes - and the virtual prisoner of the attractive and extremely wealthy Leon Villiers - the Master.

Eastern philosophy and eroticism form a basis of the master's opulent lifestyle, and he introduces Abbie to sensual pleasures far beyond the bounds of her imagination. She is, however, reluctant to submit completely to his will and, as her guardian's search for her continues, her liberty is further jeopardised. Can the situation ever be resolved?

Man On!

Turner Kane (Author)

Greg Williams of Middleton United is young, talented and handsome, a favourite with both fans and players alike. But when he signs his new football contract with Weston City, and when he starts sleeping with his soon-to-be-wed best friend Matt, things start hotting up, both on and off the pitch.

High School Reunion: A Rouge Erotic Romance

Kimberly Dean (Author)

Roma Hanson is having a crisis: her ten-year high school reunion is fast approaching, and she's not ready. As shallow as it sounds, she wants to wow her old classmates. She's got a good job and is financially secure, but she needs the whole package if she's going to make a killer entrance. That would, of course, include an awesome car, a killer body and a mouthwatering guy on her arm.

A course of hard training begins, with Roma keen to impress her personal trainer, Jake Logan – a spine-tingling, knee-weakening hunk with whom she cannot resist flirting. She just has to find a way to convince him to be on her arm when the boasting at the reunion begins …

Rouge romance - the best erotic romance novels, perfect for fans of Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series.

How To Break Bad News

Tim Molloy (Author)

Dumped by his activist girlfriend when he won’t commit to her brand of idealism, reporter Scott Thomas sets out to prove his own dedication to do-gooding. He goes undercover at a fast-food Mexican restaurant where he hopes to lay blame for workplace abuses on the chain’s owner, the next secretary of labor.

But instead of revealing corporate wrongdoing, Scott’s hidden camera captures his own ineptitude – and his confused flirtation with Maria, a single mom who works the counter. Not sure if he’s out to do good or just impress, Scott vows to save Maria from their boss’s sexual harassment. But Maria may not be the one who needs saving.

Darkly funny and deeply entertaining, How to Break Bad News looks at a man trying to change the world without changing himself.

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