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The Three Crowns

Jean Plaidy (Author)

When an empire is at stake, one woman stands between the past and the future.

In post-Restoration England, King Charles II has fathered numerous bastards, but not a single legitimate heir. So it falls to his brother, James, Duke of York, to head the thrones of England, Scotland, and Ireland—the three crowns of Britain. But James’s devout Catholicism, and desire to return Britain to the rule of Rome, does not sit well with his subjects and his time as king is sure to be short.

However, born leader and brilliant soldier, William of Orange, has other ideas. By marrying Mary, James’ fifteen year old daughter and heir, he will position himself perfectly to seize the English crown. Mary must also decide how much power to cede to William, should she keep him as Consort or let him rule beside her as King?

Captivating in its historical detail, lush and sweeping in its scope, and unforgettable in its dramatic depiction of relationships between monarchs and families, The Three Crowns is the singular story of the only joint sovereigns in British history.

A Health Unto His Majesty

Jean Plaidy (Author)

Charles returns to the throne in Restoration England - historical romance at its best.

A 30-year-old Charles II is rapturously welcomed back on the throne after years in exile. Needing funds he marries the wealthy Portuguese princess, Catherine of Braganza. But this is an unsuccessful match to his unattractive princess fails to provide him with an heir and the dowry never materializes. Although Charles always treats her with the utmost kindness, Catherine has to tolerate his many mistresses, notably the promiscuous beauty, Barbara Castelmaine.

The plot unfolds against a background of Plague, the Popish Plot and the Great Fire of London where underlying religious tensions promise to cause problems for the King. When his Catholic brother, James, looks likely to succeed him, the people rise up against Catholics. Even Queen Catherine is in danger when she is accused of plotting to kill her husband.

The Wandering Prince

Jean Plaidy (Author)

It is 1651 and Charles II, the most fascinating of England's rakes, is in exile. With him are his younger sister Minette and his buxom mistress Lucy Water and together they traverse the political and romantic minefield of the French courts.

Minette soon falls passionately in love with Louis, the young Sun King. Yet her affections are not returned and heartbroken she must mollify herself with a marriage to his secretly gay brother, Phillippe. But at what cost?

These years are given Plaidy's wonderful technicolour treatment as an enthralling story of love and intigue unfolds.

Here Lies Our Sovereign Lord

Jean Plaidy (Author)

The third book in the Charles ll trilogy covering the last years of his life.

Charles II, the Merry Monarch, is determined that his people shall know peace and religious freedom. But the shadows cast over the throne by his son Monmouth and his wayward, Papist brother, the Duke of York, are proving too much for his popularity.

Amidst these dramatic events that shaped Restoration England our promiscuous regent was often to be found in the company of his many woman. Including the ready arms of little Nell Gwyn, his buxom, pretty and witty mistress.

Here Plaidy brings to life the various loves and political losses of one of our most amorous Kings.

The Haunted Sisters

Jean Plaidy (Author)

Two sisters change the course of a nation by forsaking the King—their own father.

England is on the verge of revolution. Antagonized by the Catholicism of King James II, the people plot to drive him from the throne. But at the heart of the plot is a deep betrayal: the defection of the daughters James loves, Mary and Anne.

Both raised Protestant according to the wishes of England, the sisters support Protestant usurper William of Orange, Mary's husband, who lusts after the British crown. Passive Queen Mary is subservient to her husband's wishes, while Anne is desperate to please her childhood friend Sarah Churchill, a bold and domineering woman determined to subdue Anne, the queen-to-be, and rule England herself.

Intrigue and political drama run high as the sisters struggle to be reconciled with each otherand with the haunting memory of the father they have exiled.

The Murder in the Tower

Jean Plaidy (Author)

The queen of historical novels continues the Stuart series ...

The dashing Robert Carr is a well-known favourite of King James I and he rises quickly through the ranks. But when he is married to the cunning and beautiful child-bride, Frances Howard, a very dangerous liaison changes everything.

Frances emerges as a headstrong force of nature — determined to have her way, no matter what the cost. Her attempts to rid herself of an unwanted husband, and later to ensnare a lukewarm lover, lead her deep into the world of spell-makers and treachery. This is a woman to underestimate at great peril. But when Robert finds himself ensnared in one of Frances’s plots he finally learns what she is truly capable of.

The Queen's Favourites

Jean Plaidy (Author)

Enter into the dark and dangerous world of Tudor England and the Court ...

It is the beginning of the eighteenth century and William of Orange is dying. Soon Anne is crowned Queen, but court insiders know that the power behind the sovereign is Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough. Beautiful, outspoken Sarah controls Anne and believes herself to be invincible, until she installs her poor cousin Abigail Hill in court as royal chambermaid. Plain Abigail seems the least likely rival for Sarah's place in Anne’s affections, but Sarah has underestimated her.

While Anne engages in her private battles, the nation is obsessed with another, more public one: succession. Anne is sickly and childless, the last of the Stuart line. The book follows the stories of the three women and the ever changing power struggle that dominates their relationships with one another.

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