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Marthe Blau (Author)

You'll want to scream, but you'll be gagged.
You'll want to cry, but you'll be blindfolded.
You'll want to run away, but you'll be tied up.
You'll have no way of begging me, I'll do what I want with you.

Sexual obsession, domination and extreme lust – Submission is the story of a young married Parisian lawyer who is drawn into a sado-masochistic relationship. A handsome stranger she meets in the courts issues her with a series of instructions which she finds herself compelled to follow. As the violence of their encounters escalates, it becomes a dangerous addiction that she can't break. But how far can she go and how much of her life will she risk in the process?

Based on the author's own experiences, this astonishing book sent shockwaves through the French establishment.

Temper Tantrums

Penny Birch (Author)

Natasha Linnet has a weakness for dirty old men - hence her relationship with wine buff and accomplished spanker Percy Ottershaw. When Percy visits a former colleague, the louche Dr Blondeau, in France, Natasha tags along. Blondeau, figuring correctly that any girlfriend of his perverted old friend must be a willing submissive, has extreme ideas of his own, for which he considers Natasha fair game.

Natasha sees right through his wiles, of course. But how can she give in, and still have the last laugh?

The latest book in Penny Birch's series of bestselling erotica takes the mischievious Natasha on a humiliating, exhilatating, wet-knickered thrill ride through rural France. Other titles featuring Natasha are: Brat, Dirty Laundry, Peach, When she was Bad, In Disgrace, What Happens to Bad Girls? and Bare, White & Rosy.

The Indiscretions of Isabelle

Penny Birch (Author)

Isabelle is a Sapphic young student at Oxford, versed in the arts of Flagellation. When her ageing scout, Stan Tierney, lets slip that he knows about a long-established society of lesbian dominas, Isabelle is drawn in. As Isabelle investigates together with her girlfriends Jasmine and Caroline, it becomes clear that she will have to endure a comprehensive round of sexual humiliation if she is to get close to the mysterious society.

Follow Isabelle's adventures in The Indulgence of Isabelle, The Indecencies of Isabelle, The Indiscretions of Isabelle and The Indignities of Isabelle.

Citadel Of Servitude

Aran Ashe (Author)

Tormunil: the mysterious citadel of erotic mastery from which there can be no escape. Sianon is the beautiful love-slave whose breast weep milk: Josef the outlander who tries to save her, only to be drawn ever deeper into a vortex of perverse desires.

The thwarted lovers await love and punishment at the hands of the rulers of the citadel.Here they will be called on to please the single-minded Lady Berengaria, the decadent Magus, and th e wayward Princess Janna, each of whom will seek, through intimate and unusual means, to excite and prolong pleasure on demand.

In the Citadel of Servitude, every avenue of sexual love must be tested, every strange pleasure explored, and every taboo broken.

A Matter Of Possession

G C Scott (Author)

Under normal circumstances, no woman as stunning Barbara Hilson would have trouble finding a man. But Barbara's requirements are far from normal. She needs someone who will take complete control; someone who will impose himself so strongly upon her that her will dissolves into his.

Fortunately, if she can't find a man to give her what she wants, Barbara has other options: an extensive collection of bondage equipment, an imagination that knows no bounds, and, in Sarah, an obliging and very debauched friend.

Amanda In The Private House

Esme Ombreux (Author)

When the sensations finally ceased Tess heard La Patronne saying, 'You see, my dear? Jem is never wrong. Tess will flourish in my little house.'

'I have to agree,' the Chatelaine said, 'She is yours. For the time being, I assume I may punish her again before you take her away from Paris? You know how I like to put these statuesque blondes through their paces.'

'Of course my dear. You may deal with her as severely as you wish. But do remember that for Tess the real punishment is being made aware of how much she deserves to be punished. In my House she'll learn the true meaning of shame.'

Drawn from her sheltered life when her housekeeper Tess goes missing, Amanda goes to France in an attempt to find her. During her search Amanda meets Michael, an artist with bizarre sexual tastes who awakens in her a taste for the shameful delights of discipline and introduces her to a secret society of hedonistic perverts who share her unusual desires.

Amanda revels in her new-found sexual freedom, voluntarily submitting to extreme indignities of punishment and humiliation, but does not realise until too late the full extent of the society’s depraved and perverted plans. Can Tess and Michael save her from the ultimate degradation the society has in store?

A Taste of Amber

Penny Birch (Author)

Expelled from school for spanking a head mistress, Amber Oakley finds herself in disgrace and is sent to work on a farm. Introduced to the strange delights of the world of pony-girls, Amber soon decides that she wants to be a pony-girl mistress. Unfortunately, others would like to see her at the other end of the reins, and when she loses a bet she's been groaded into by Morris Rathwell, a property developer who sees himself as the king of carting, she finds herself in a very difference role from the one she'd anticipated. Worse still, she finds the role more enjoyable that she ever would have imagined. Can she ever hope to fulfill her ambition?

Modern Love-Anthol Erotic Writing

Kerri Sharp (Author)

Black Lace has been the publishing sensation of the decade. This is the first imprint to recognise women's erotic writing as a genre and it has given women the opportunity to write their fantasies, using their language. Black Lace books have explored areas of sexual fantasy where other women's fiction has feared to tread.

This is the first anthology of extracts from Black Lace with an exclusively contemporary theme. Seduction and mystery and darkly sensual behaviour are the key words to this unique collection of sensual writings from the female imagination. Worlds of secluded passion collide with unbridled erotic exploration, and scintillating characters delight in the thrill of total surrender to pleasure and decadent indulgence.

Country Matters

Tesni Morgan (Author)

When Lorna Erskine inherits Hinton Priory - deep in the heart of rural England - she thinks she is set for a life of tranquillity and pastoral bliss. She's wrong. Her closest neighbour, Ryder Tyrell, is not the country gentleman he seems to be and is trying to lure Lorna into his elite cult of sexual excess.

A ruthless businessman also has Lorna in his sights, and wants to build an exclusive leisure centre on her land. He sets out to seduce her - as does the darkly handsome architect who has been hired to restore the Priory; he has his own private reasons for wanting to possess her: body, mind and soul. The village is seething with intrigue, which can only escalate when Lorna discovers that paganism is thriving on her doorstep. Can she hold on to the Priory and her sanity?

Full Exposure

Robyn Russell (Author)

A stylishly sensual, erotic thriller set in the languid heat of an Italian summer.

Attractive but stern Boston academic, Donatella di'Bianchi, is in Italy to investigate the affairs of the Collegio Toscana, a school of visual arts. But her efforts are hampered by one man, the director, Steward Temple-Clarke. She is also sexually attracted to an English artist on the faculty, the alluring but mysterious Ian Ramsey.

In the course of her inquiry, Donatella's life is thrown into danger, but she receives help from Kiki Lee and Francesca Antinori. As the trio investigates the menacing mysteries surrounding the college, Donatella's new friends open her eyes to a world of sexual adventure with artists, students, and even the local police...

Playthings Of The Private House

Esme Ombriuex (Author)

When Olena, nubile and much-appreciated guest at the secretive flagellant community that is the Private House, is kidnapped, Supreme Mistress Jem Darke and her lover Julia, chief of the guards, are unusually at a loss as to what to do. But Talia, the fey, submissive but resourceful leader of the forest people, who live a bucolic but perverted life on the House's large estate, has evidence that leads to Madame la Patronne, Jem's rival in the arts of dominance. Jem, Julia, Talia and her lover Anne agree a plan of pursuit. Their actions lead Talia straight into deep sexual waters: how far will she be required to submit to Madame la Patronne, whose imperious sexuality knows no limits? And even if Talia's tormented odyssey brings her to Olena, will either even want to return?

Lord Wraxall's Fancy

Anna Lieff Saxby (Author)

An erotic 18th Century-set romp.

The year is 1720 and Lady Celine Fortescue is summoned by her father, Sir James, to join him on St Cecilia, the turbulent tropical island which he governs. But the girl who steps off the boat into the languid, intoxicating heat isn't the same girl who was content to stay at needle work in a dull Surrey mansion.

On a moonlit light, perfumed with the scent of night blooming flowers, Celine liaises with Liam O'Brian, one of the ship's officers to whom she became secretly betrothed on the long sea voyage. Their plans are thwarted , however, by her father and at the hands of Lord Odo Wraxall, a debauched rake with a penchant for nubile girls. Celine is thrown into confusion by Wraxall, whose arrogance and cruelty betray his preference for darker pleasures.

Exotic and opulent, this story of indulgent luxury is stimulation for the senses and not without a wicked streak of humour.

Along for the Ride: A Rouge Erotic Romance

Michelle M Pillow (Author)

Detective Megan Matthews is cursed with always being right. Her instincts are good, her deductive reasoning even better. She's found her hard-headed ways to be too much for most men, so she's given up on trying to find Mr Right and has settled for arresting Mr Wrong.

Crime Scene photographer Ryan Andrews has had a crush on the sexy detective since he first took her photograph by accident at a crime scene. That picture became headline news and she hasn't talked to him since. He's tried everything to get her attention, but when nothing works he's left with only one option. But is blackmailing a cop into marriage really a good idea?

Book two in the Matthews Sister series.

Words Made Flesh

Thom Wolf (Author)

Best-selling novelist Glenn Holden has an appreciation for the rougher side of sex. But when a handsome stranger breaks into his house claiming to be a character from one of Glenn's own thrillers, the author is suddenly thrust into a surreal sexual adventure that goes further than the concoctions of his own dirty mind - a bizarre world full of mysterious men and even wilder sex.

Exposing Louisa

Jean Aveline (Author)

Anton and Magdalena are brother and sister, separated at birth but reunited as teenagers. The forbidden nature of their love for each other only serves to intensify their passion for experimentation - for the most perverse sexual games. Working as dancers, they fall under the spell of the manipulative Sophie and the masterful Dieter, both of whom secretly foster the darkest plans for the couple.

Julie At The Reformatory

Angela Elgar (Author)

Bondage, discipline and corporal punishment are the key to reforming the character of wayward girls, according to the writings of the fanatical Order of the Righteous Sisters on which Roughton Hall - a remote island reformatory for girls - bases its methods. When Julie is sentenced to three years at Roughton Hall she discovers that total submission is demanded by the sadistic mistresses, who delight in their use of the cane and the birch.

Only the comforting fellowship of the other girls in the dormitory can provide relief from the daily humiliation. After months of degrading punishment the pupils, with Julie as their leader, plot to turn the tables on their oppressors. If their intentions go according to plan, revenge will prove to be sweet.

Madam Lydia

Philippa Masters (Author)

Victorian London. Lydia, now a fully-fledged working girl, is in great demand, both at the Silken Web bordello and for lucrative 'private engagements.' She also finds herself becoming a mentor to her alluring younger colleagues, Kate and Emily, although her relationship with them is as intimate as it is sisterly.

As Lydia assists an increasingly wealthy and hedonistic clientele with the realisation of its wildest fantasies, she begins to enjoy the exhibitionism and ritual role-play involved as much as the physical pleasures she has always relished. Then Lady Amanda - a regular client with a taste for lesbianism and depilation - introduces Lydia to a clandestine society which tests her sexuality to its very limits.

This is the fourth book in Philippa Masters' Lydia series.

Sandra's New School

Yolanda Celbridge (Author)

Nude sunbathing and spanking with a submissive girlfriend lead hedonistic Sandra Shanks to the rigors of Quirke's School, where adult schoolgirls are taught old-fashioned submission, in the stern modesty of too-tight uniforms. Strict discipline means 'baring up below' for bare-bottom caning or birching, with refinements like the hoop and cage, and the noble art of nude female boxing. In a school without males, the dormitory fun of 'all girls together' is as deliciously naughty as Sandra imagined - until she learns sadistic Miss Quirke's own guilty secret.

Bound to Serve

Amanda Ware (Author)

Caroline West is facing up to the absence of her master, Liam, as he battles to save himself from bankruptcy. When the cruel and manipulative Clive offers her a means of helping him, on the condition that she becomes his slave for three weeks, she does not hesitate and is soon signed over to him.

Falling into Clive's trap, Caroline undergoes all manner of humiliations before being handed over to her former mistress - Lynne - for even more severe training. Unbeknownst to Clive, Lynne is a friend of Liam and is convinced that Caroline is betraying her master. Poor Caroline now has to face harsh treatment at the hands of Lynne; treatment which she finds is more and more to her liking.

Slave Sentence

Lisette Ashton (Author)

Chained in his own dungeon, former master McGivern is at the mercy of punishments far crueller than any he ever devised. The torture he receives is perverse, degrading and always sexually humiliating. Determined to overthrow his gaolers he forms an uneasy relationship with the most sadistic of his female tormentors and agrees to all her demands in his bid to regain control of the castle. But his greatest fear is that he will come to enjoy his bondage before he can return to his dominant position.

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