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Aga Weekend Cookbook

Weekends are the time when we cook for our friends, bake a cake, or prepare a Sunday roast for our families. Aga owners in particular may find that different techniques and recipes are called for to meet the challenges of weekend cooking. Illustrated with colour photographs throughout, the Aga Weekend Cookbook provides recipes to take you right through the weekend, all with full instructions for cooking with the Aga.

Fresh new ideas for quick lunches, special food for friends, irresistible Sunday roasts, teatime baking and leisurely breakfasts are all included, along with a comprehensive introduction and helpful hints and tips to enable you to get the most out of your Aga or range. Instructions are given for both two-oven and four-oven ranges and every recipe includes a preparation and cooking time, freezing notes and a calorie count.

After-School Meal Planner

Annabel Karmel (Author)

- Do you want to make healthy, nutritious meals for your kids?
- Are you in need of inspiring family meal ideas?
- Do you want quick and easy recipes that can be made in advance?

Annabel Karmel, Britain's No.1 expert on food for children, is on hand to help, with all the advice and recipes you will ever need. How often have you arrived home from work, with no idea of what to make for the kids' (and your own!) supper? In After-School Meal Planner, Annabel offers simple, tasty recipes for the whole family, for every day of the week, whether you want a wholesome one-pot dish like Multi-layered cottage pie, a quick pasta recipe such as Pasta twirls with Primavera vegetables and Parmesan, or a spicy and exotic feast like Chicken satay. There are also yummy, fuss-free puddings including Rhubarb and strawberry crumble, and healthy snacks such as Chewy oatmeal raisin cookies to stave off the hunger pangs until suppertime.

With full-colour photography throughout, a comprehensive weekly menu planner, and advice and tips to make sure your family get the very best from their food, After School Meal Planner is the family cookbook that every parent needs.

Ready Steady Cook: The Ten Minute Cookbook

175 super-fast recipes from your favourite TV chefs Mouth-watering recipes that are simple to prepare are essential for mid-week suppers or for those eating on the go. What's even better is a meal that's on the table in just 10 minutes.

The Quickie Bag Challenge is an extra event at the end of Ready Steady Cook where the chefs compete to create dishes in just 10 minutes from a bag of ingredients. The 10-Minute Cookbook includes 175 recipes for quick and easy meals so that you too can whip up something delicious in no time at all.

Recipes created by the guest chefs, including James Martin, Antony Worrall Thompson, Brian Turner, Lesley Waters and Nick Nairn, will inspire even the most time-starved to get cooking.

RSC continues to be a fantastic success on BBC2 as people can't get enough of its simple and delicious recipes created in such a short time.

Classic Recipes From Scotland

Tom Bridge (Author)

The recipes in this cookbook are easy to follow and capture the essenceof Scottish cuisine. Many can be found on the menu in high-class'gastro pubs', restaurants and hotels throughout Britain. Bridge offersa chance to bring these dishes into the home and rediscover the best ofScotland's culinary cuisine along the way. Over 12 mouth-wateringchapters, Bridge covers every detail, from making the stock, sauces andsoups to the secret of making perfect marmalade. Classic game recipesfrom all over Scotland are also featured, with essential ingredientsincluding the finest Aberdeen Angus beef, smoked meats from the Isle ofIslay, Ayrshire pork, Orkney lamb, and fish and seafood from Loch Fyne,Moray, Fife, Orkney and the Outer Hebrides. Elsewhere, Tom gives amaster class in the art of pastries and pies, including small muttonpies traditionally dubbed 'tuppenny struggles', Ayrshire pork pies,game pies, Forfar bridies and the famous Teviotdale pie.Whisky is neverout of place in a cookery book and here it is intrinsic to Bridge'ssweet puddings and desserts. The Scots love of baked goods like bread,biscuits and cakes comes to the fore in the chapters covering thesefoods. Classic Recipes from Scotlandalso contains over 150 website addresses, which will enable readers to obtain the Scottish produce used in many of the recipes direct frommail-order suppliers.

You Are What You Eat: Total Health Overhaul

Carina Norris (Author)

The brand-new title in the bestselling You Are What You Eat series will help you overhaul your health and make long-term lifestyle changes.

- Turn bad eating habits into good ones
- 'Fitness focus' exercises to introduce activity every day
- Delicious, healthy recipes using nutritious wholefoods
- Long-term solutions to reduce your risk of illness

Discover the things you should be doing but don't - as well as those you do but shouldn't - in order to turn your health around for good. And with the simple-to-follow 8-week plan, you can revamp your diet, dump the junk and introduce exercise into your daily routine.


Lindsey Bareham (Author)

Lindsey Bareham wrote this book when her son Zach first went to university and wanted to take some of her recipes with him. It has since been the book of choice for students and beginners everywhere. Full of simple, unpatronising, no nonsense recipes that really hit the spot, it is a brilliant first cookbook for people of any age but particularly for students who may not have the money or inclination to cook but still want really good food.

• If you’ve got a vast appetite but no money you’ll discover how to eat like a king on a pauper’s budget

• It has recipes for when you’re on your own and for when you’ve got friends round for a feast

• There’s almost instant food and food that cooks itself while you’re out

• Easy pasta, easy stir fries, easy things on toast, easy stews . . .

Two Fat Ladies - Obsessions

Jennifer Paterson & Clarissa Dickson-Wright (Author), Paterson (Author)

Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson are two opinionated, forthright, eccentric ladies; they also know an awful lot about food. In this totally reformatted book (once again tied-in to their primetime BBC, Food Network and ABC TV series) they turn their attention to what turns them on, choosing 30 of their favourite ingredients from cherries and asparagus to steak and scallops. Including over 150 recipes, the book provides unique insight into how these formidable women cook and goes a long way to explaining why they are passionate about what they do.


Christine Taylor (Author)

Choccywoccydoodah's chocolate geniuses are found in their Brighton based Mothership, where artists, designers and sculptors create extraordinary confections to commission. The Mothership is home to a shop, cafe, secret party room and the first Witches Kitchen. The Flagship is a magnificent former tobacco factory, just off Carnaby Street, in London. Tourists, fans, chocolate lovers and aspiring Doodahs from all over the world pilgrimage to both the Mothership and Flagship to satiate their appetite for cake, chocolate and Choccywoccydoodah.

Choccywoccydoodah: Chocolate, Cake and Curses is a book to celebrate all things chocolate and cake from a team that have dedicated their lives to being joy-makers and cake-bakers. It is a story book of recipes where Christine and her Doodahs share their own personal chocolate and cake favourites in addition to stories behind the world famous Rocky Road recipe, the Nuns Naughty Secrets, and the reason Brighton (chocolate) rocks.

Choccywoccydoodah Chocolate, Cake and Curses has been written to put a spell on all chocolate lovers, everywhere. After all, everyone deserves a little magic.

The Secrets of Aga Puddings

Lucy Young (Author)

Following on from Secrets of Aga Cakes, Lucy Young now takes on puddings. She shows us how to make all the lovely desserts we want to indulge in, but may find tricky to get quite right in the Aga. With 100 recipes for pies, steamed puddings, tarts, crumbles and mini sweet treats, ranging from the classic to the contemporary, there are ideas for all occasions, from simply fast puddings for the busy person to classic comfort food for a rainy day.

Express Puds - fast desserts for the time-strapped who still fancy a treat
Wicked Chocolate - luxurious chocolate puddings like Rich Chocolate and Rum Terrine perfect for chocaholics
Tarts and pies - delicious classic recipes like Apricot and Clementine Fruit Tart
Rainy Day Puds - perfect pick-me-up comfort food like Luxury Lemon Bread and Butter Pudding
Little pots and glasses - indulgent desserts in small sizes, ideal for dinner parties or when you fancy a small treat
Naughties to go with puds and coffee - beautifully formed sweet treats for the perfect conclusion to any meal

As well as advice about cooking equipment and useful tips about how to get fantastic results in the Aga, each recipe also has instructions for the conventional oven, ensuring that no matter what you're cooking in you'll get perfect puddings everytime. Illustrated throughout with tantalising photography, there is something for everyone with the sweetest tooth to those who want a simple, fast pudding.

The Delia Collection: Baking

Delia Smith (Author)

Delia's seventh cookbook in this enormously popular Collection brings us tantalising baking recipes. From cakes and muffins to breads and biscuits, Delia has chosen over 50 of her most popular recipes - updating old favourites and adding some bakes that are completely new.

This Collection is aimed at both experienced cooks and newcomers who can be sure that with Delia's approachable style, they will be guided by a trusted hand through her fail-safe recipes. Including tips and ideas to help bakers of every ability, the reader is guaranteed delicious and rewarding results every time.

Delia is a publishing phenomenon with sales of more than 21 million cookery books. This series is the first time her recipes have been arranged by subject.

Delia's How to Cheat at Cooking

Delia Smith (Author)

In How to Cheat at Cooking, Delia has sourced a range of pre-prepared foods (from tins, chill cabinets, freezers and store cupboards) to help you short circuit cooking times and techniques. Readily available from supermarkets, delis, online food shops and farmers markets and of the very best quality these recipes using instant time savers will allow you to create fabulous food without the faff. How to Cheat is for people who don't want to cook, who think they can't cook, or simply don't have the time to cook. As Delia herself says, "Cheating's come on a lot and there's much more available. The way it's going I can't think of anybody who wouldn't want it."

Delia is Britain's most trusted food writer and her formidable track record of over 19 million book sold speaks for itself. How to Cheat at Cooking, created with her characteristic attention to detail, comprises over 150 easy-to-follow recipes all presented in a great contemporary design.

Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volumes 1 & 2

Julia Child (Author)

'This isn't just any cookery book. This is Mastering the Art of French Cooking and it's a book that is a statement, not of culinary intent, but of aspiration, a commitment to a certain sort of good life, a certain sort of world-view; a votive object implying taste and appetite and a little je ne sais quoi. Julia Child's books are a triumph, and also a trophy.' A A GILL, The Times

This is the bestselling classic guide to French cooking with over 1000 clear authentic and delicious recipes for every key French dish from Boeuf Bourguignon to the perfect croissant.

And now to celebrate its 50th anniversary Penguin have reset and redesigned the text and there is a special anniversary introduction from Julia Child. Published in time for Mother's Day, this boxset with its two beautiful hardback volumes will become the essential ingredient for any cultivated kitchen

Gary Rhodes At The Table

Gary Rhodes (Author)

Once again Gary Rhodes delves deep into the riches of the British culinary tradition to create a collection of wonderful new recipes which combine todays flavours with the very best from the past. Tracing the history of the menu and why different courses are grouped together, Gary looks at the social influences which have formed our eating habits over the years. Gary takes the cook through the separate courses which make up a meal, from soups and appetizers to cakes and biscuits, reviving the long forgotten tradition of savouries along the way. Modern British main dishes include Trout and Almond Tart with Nut Brown Butter Dressing and Crusted Lamb with Creamy Ham and Sweet Red Pepper Potatoes. And finally Gary produces a wealth of exciting puddings, including Bitter Sweet Strawberry Tart with Mascarpone Cheesecake Cream and the wonderful British Digestive home-made digestive biscuit cake with Earl Grey custard. With the emphasis on matching flavours and balancing the depth of each course, Gary shows us how to mix and match dishes to create the perfect menu, from a quick, informal meal for two to a sumptuous dinner party to impress your friends. Whether you like simple food with a twist or prefer an imaginative culinary challenge, youll find something in Gary Rhodes At The Table for every occasion.

The Delia Collection: Fish

Delia Smith (Author)

In compiling the Collection cookbooks, Delia has chosen her best and most popular recipes, updating old favourites and adding some that are completely new. These recipe books are aimed both at experienced cooks and at newcomers to homecooking who can be sure that, with Delia's friendly and approachable style, they will be guided by a trusted hand through her fail-safe recipes.

This is the fourth cookbook in the series and is a collection of over 50 of Delia's best fish recipes. Many people shy away from cooking with fresh fish because it seems too difficult and messy. Delia tackles this notion by providing the know-how and plenty of authentic fish dishes to suit all levels of cooking ability.

Barefoot Contessa Parties!

Ina Garten (Author)

In Parties! Ina Garten shares the secrets she has gleaned from her years as a caterer and a dedicated party giver. Ina's parties are easy to prepare and fun for everyone, including the host. Packed with plans for pulling off parties like a pro, and stories and recipes from her own parties, this is a must-have guide to easy entertaining.
·In the spring you can invite your friends to a party where they all make their own pizzas.
·Come summer, it's into the garden for a lunch with grilled lamb and pitta sandwiches that guests assemble themselves.
·In the autumn, Ina roasts a fresh turkey, which her friends enjoy with a creamy spinach gratin.
·And on a winter's day, everyone is invited for a lunch buffet with seafood chowder and butternut squash and apple soup. Delicious!
Ina has reached new heights here with recipes like sour cream coffee cake - the ultimate breakfast treat. Salads? The red lettuce, balsamic onions and blue cheese salad; Chinese chicken salad; and panzanella may be the best you've ever tasted. And fillet of beef is easy to make for a fancy dinner with oh-so-good gorgonzola sauce.
With so many great ideas and recipes to choose from, this will be an essential read for anyone who loves a party.

The Vegan Cheat Sheet

Amy Cramer, Lisa McComsey (Author)

The Vegan Cheat Sheet is a portable resource for vegan living that puts essential information right at readers' fingertips. It's packed with more than 100 everyday recipes, shopping lists, restaurant tips, and everything else you need to live a simple, easy vegan lifestyle.

Special sections include:

The 21-day Vegan Transformation Guide - Makes the vegan transition a no-brainer by including three weeks' worth of vegan menus

The Vegan Travel Guide - Yummy eats to pack when hitting the road, plus what to order (or not) when dining out

The Fast-food Survival Guide - Quick sheets on vegan-friendly options at popular chains, including McDonald's and Domino's

The Shopping Guide - Must-have fridge and pantry staples

Real world how-to's - How to handle party invitations from carnivorous friends, plus other practical tips for weathering the social scene

Important facts on why eating vegan helps guard against common killers like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes

The How-To Vegan Fiesta - Menus and ideas for celebrating your vegan victory with friends and family members

Lunch Boxes

Jennifer Joyce (Author)

An easy-to-use and entertaining guide to making packed lunches fun, nutritious and delicious. There are over 100 brilliant ideas for healthy food for kids from the startlingly simple to the more adventurous. There are lots of tips for cheating to save time and money such as supper ideas that produce leftovers for lunch boxes the next day, salads that make enough for three days and homemade, healthier and cheaper versions of shop-bought products. There are weekly plans, shopping lists and everyday solutions to take the headache out of packed lunches for the whole school year.

Grogan's Companion to Drink

Peter Grogan (Author)

Booze writers are in general nerdish and insular. The beer boys, with their compulsory beards, live in the pub and are looked down upon both by the wine writers (who live in glass houses) and the 'Rudolphs', as the red-nosed specialists of the spirits world could be termed. As for the writers of cocktail books, no living specimen has been taken since the first publication of The Savoy Cocktail Book in 1930 rendered all subsequent efforts redundant.

This tendency explains why there are no books that span the whole subject of booze, as if people who drink wine might never enjoy a cocktail or even a beer. Grogan's Companion to Drink will plug the yawning gap for a single source of information for, say, the key ingredients in a Pimms, for a pithy tutorial on how the hierarchy of the wines of Bordeaux is structured (what are people on about when they refer to a 'cru bourgeois') or for a round-up of all those Polish beers on the shelves. It will not only avoid being nerdish and insular, it will also avoid being patronising, pompous or pretentious (and that's just the 'p's). So whether you're looking for a great drink for £2.99 (Tesco's value red wine in a carton) or if you finally want to understand what it was you were drinking when you supped Agua de Valencia, it's the perfect gift for those who drink as well as taste...

The Delia Collection: Puddings

Delia Smith (Author)

Delia's eighth book in this enormously popular Collection brings us mouth-watering puddings and desserts.

To satisfy a sweet tooth or round off a special meal, Delia provides over 50 recipes, chosen from her collection and some completely new.

There are recipes for pies, crumbles and cobblers; steamed and baked puddings; tarts, cheesecakes and pancakes; and creams, jellies, fruit and meringues.

Aimed at both experienced cooks and newcomers, Delia guides cooks of all ability through her fail-safe recipes.

Including tips and ideas, the reader is guaranteed delicious desserts every time.

Delia is a publishing phenomenon with sales of more than 18 million cookery books. This series is the first time her recipes have been arranged by subject.

Lorraine Kelly's Baby and Toddler Eating Plan

Anita Bean (Author) , Lorraine Kelly (Author)

As parents, we play an enormous role in shaping our children's attitude to food, and we'd all love to instil healthy eating habits in them from as early an age as possible. But I know from my own experiences as a mum that providing children with nutritious, tasty and easy-to-make meals - often on a budget - is no easy task.
That's why I've joined forces with leading nutritionalist Anita Bean to create more than 100 delicious but simple recipes to make your life easier and to help you give your child a healthy and balanced diet.
There are loads of ideas in this book for feeding babies and toddlers alike, as well as meal planners to take the stress out of feeding your child. For this revised and updated edition we've also come up with lots of fun new ideas for children's party food as well as inspiring suggestions for luchboxes and healthy treats and snacks.
I hope these recipes will prove as popular with your children as they have with mine.

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