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The Astronaut Selection Test Book

Tim Peake (Author) , The European Space Agency (Author)

*** The puzzle book of 2018 ***

Have you got what it takes to be an astronaut?

Part puzzle book, part guide, The Astronaut Selection Test Book: Do You Have What it Takes? invites readers of all ages to attempt the European Space Agency’s rigorous astronaut selection and training program. The book comprises 100 real astronaut tests and training exercises for readers to try at home, and outlines the full ESA selection process for the first time.

Fascinating, surprising, and ranging in difficulty from easy to fiendishly hard, the tests include visual memory and perception puzzles, concentration tests, maths and mental arithmetic problems, psychological quizzes, teamwork and leadership exercises, survival skills, physical and medical exams, foreign language aptitude tests (ESA astronauts must learn Russian) and more.

The book, which will be richly illustrated, draws on Tim Peake's first-hand experiences of applying to ESA to be an astronaut in 2008, when he was selected with just 5 other astronauts from over 8000 applications. A wide range of ESA astronaut trainers have also contributed to the book. An exclusive competition will accompany publication, with details to be announced later this summer.

Columbus in Space

The European Space Agency (Author)

In 2008, Europe’s first space laboratory was launched to the International Space Station. Ten years later, the Columbus laboratory is still circling 400 km above our heads at 28,800 km/h, providing scientists a place to run out-of-this-world experiments on everything from cold plasma technology that will destroy unwanted odours to enzymes that may slow the ageing process.

To celebrate a decade of European science and technology in space this stunning book recounts the story of the Columbus laboratory from vision to mission, revealing everything from the daily operations that keep it humming, to the cutting-edge science that takes place inside.

Richly illustrated with graphics and statistics of life and research in space as well as full-colour photos, Columbus in Space offers a never-seen-before glimpse into the laboratory at the forefront of humanity’s exploration of our Universe -- Europe's space in space.

12 Small Acts to Save Our World

WWF (Author)

Our planet is a crossroads. It's time to act now and save our world.

Written in collaboration with WWF, the world's leading independent conservation organisation, 12 Small Acts to Save Our World will present readers with many small everyday changes that can combine to have a big impact on the health of our planet, from oceans to forests, wildlife to climate change.

From why we should all ditch glitter to how to eat well without harming the planet, Small Acts will show you what you can do and the change it will make. Achievable and fun, it will inspire you to get involved and build a better future for generations to come.

It's not yet too late. The world needs us, and every one of us can play a part. What is your #smallact going to be?

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