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Top Gear: The Spotter's Guide

This Top Gear Spotter's Guide will keep Top Gear fans young and old quiet on long car journeys, as they identify unusual cars, search for rare road signs and keep their eyes peeled for the lesser-spotted Clarksonus Maximus. Beat your friends and family by scoring points for super rare spots!
Based on the BBC Two television series featuring Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

Top Gear: Ultimate Cars Official Sticker Book

Top Gear fans will love this turbo-charged Ultimate Cars activity book. With over a thousand stickers, it's the perfect gift for all petrol-heads!

Top Gear: The Stigtionary

The Top Gear presenters do talk a lot of rubbish. Ever wondered what on earth James May is talking about when he rattles on about engines and physics and stuff? Or what the gibberish coming out of Jeremy's mouth really means? Or how to pronounce Richard Hammond's favourite cars? The Stigtionary will explain all those tricky things for you, with hilarious definitions of words and phrases from the BBC show.

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