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A Sister’s Courage

Audrey Reimann (Author)

As far back as Alice Davenport could remember, her Papa had impressed upon her that she had duties - to look after her younger brothers and sister when Mama was 'excitable and unwell'. And when Alice was fourteen and Mama died, Papa stressed her duties even more, for as an army doctor he was leaving them all to go and fight the Boers.

But when Captain Davenport returned to Southport, it seemed as though Alice's life was going to begin at last. For Papa brought with him the invitation to the Victory Ball at Hetherington Hall and it was there that she encountered the two men who were to dominate her future - Major Frederick Blackshaw, the son of Sir Jack Blackshaw, a bullying, violent man whose legacy of hatred and betrayal was to haunt Alice for many years, and Karl Rheinhardt, son of a once wealthy Austro-Hungarian family, who became obsessed with Alice and determined to take her back to Prague with him.

As the First World War loomed, it seemed that Alice could lose everything, even her life, but her courage and strength finally carried her triumphantly into a world of her own making.

How to be Famous

Caitlin Moran (Author)

Life is always better backstage, isn't it?

'Who better than Caitlin Moran to bring fame down to earth with a bump' - Helen Fielding, bestselling author of Bridget Jones's Diary

The Sunday Times Number One bestseller about a young women making it in a world where men hold all the power


I’m Johanna Morrigan, and I live in London in 1995, at the epicentre of Britpop. I might only be nineteen, but I’m wise enough to know that everyone around me is handling fame very, very badly.

My unrequited love, John Kite, has scored an unexpected Number One album, then exploded into a Booze And Drugs HellTM – as rockstars do. And my new best friend – the maverick feminist Suzanne Banks, of The Branks – has amazing hair, but writer’s block and a rampant pill problem. So I’ve decided I should become a Fame Doctor. I’m going to use my new monthly column for The Face to write about every ridiculous, surreal, amazing aspect of a million people knowing your name.

But when my two-night-stand with edgy comedian Jerry Sharp goes wrong, people start to know my name for all the wrong reasons. ‘He’s a vampire. He destroys bright young girls. Also, he’s a total dick’ Suzanne warned me. But by that point, I’d already had sex with him. Bad sex.
Now I’m one of the girls he’s trying to destroy.
He needs to be stopped.

But how can one woman stop a bad, famous, powerful man?

Scroll down to watch a video of Caitlin describing How to be Famous in three words

'A deliciously funny sequel to How to Build a Girl' - Red Magazine

'This is funny, philosophical, and poignant in equal measure. Glorious and life-enhancing' - Nina Stibbe

'A filthy, gutsy, exhilarating call to arms' - Emma-Jane Unsworth

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