Tales From the Shadow Library

by 1 book in this series
#1 - The Cursed Melodies
#1 - The Cursed Melodies
Astrid and Jonas have only ever had each other. As twins, they share a bond. But they also share something doctors have called twisted and demonic their entire lives: flowers whisper instructions, trees sing of their histories. The siblings are kept away from nature by their caretakers, but it still calls to them.

Meanwhile, Gwen knows all about the shadow world of Bloom Bloods – people living among us who have magic running through their veins. They act under the instruction of the Queen, conserving fantastical creatures and studying the ancient melodies of magic to keep the mundane and mystic worlds in harmony. But Gwen failed her application to Fountains Abbey, the venerable school that trains up the next generation of Bloom Bloods, and she is now forced to spend her days in an isolated manor alongside other misfits and outcasts. She is determined to prove her worth.

A mysterious evil is spreading throughout the world; unnatural monsters are appearing in hazardous places – monsters that weave discordant magic. When the twins and Gwen collide, their unique abilities are revealed. But will their combined powers be enough to stop what’s rising in the darkness?

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