Try your hand at paper-cutting with Poppy Chancellor

Get creative with this design from Poppy Chancellor's new paper-cutting book, Cut It Out!

Protective Hand of Fatima

This is one of our stand-out designs and will take you slightly longer because of all that lovely detail. Once you’ve got confident with cutting, this is a triumph to complete 

There are thousands of ways to transform a piece of paper. You can tear, colour, fold and destroy it, and there are also many different ways by which you can do these things. It’s the same when you’re making a papercut - there are a load of options. I’m going to tell you what I use and what you could use, but I encourage you to get a bit Edward Scissorhands on the whole thing - experiment and find your own niche. 

The basic tools that you need, though, are: a cutting mat, scalpel and some paper. The great thing about paper cutting is that you don’t need very much to get started, and it won’t cost you the world. 

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Cut it Out!

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