Life On Instagram

Life on Instagram is the first and only annual of its kind. Celebrating everyday moments and uniting countless people from all over the globe, the book shows us who we are and how we live

'There are many, many photographic books that beautifully or artistically present the human experience, usually projects by just one, or a few, prominent photographers. But Life On Instagram is a unique anthology. It's about you and me recording the spectacle and nuance of our own lives and sharing what excites us personally - imparting our experiences, joys, and sometimes our sorrows as they happen. This very immediate, visual way of communicating has become a defining component of our culture. Before Instagram, it was virtually impossible to access anything close to this breadth and quality of photography.

And it is regularly breathtaking.'

- Jim Stoddart, curator of Life on Instagram

photo of london skyline
girl and cat taking selfie
girl and boy kissing
men watching NYC sunfall
girl on boat
girl in telephone box
man reading book
women in bakery

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