8 tips to planning a literary wedding

Charlotte O'Shea, the author of Rock My Wedding, shares ways to draw inspiration from books for your big day 

1. Literary gifts

The love and bond that we feel for a favourite book is a rare thing and this makes it the perfect present for your husband or wife-to-be on the morning of your wedding. We’ve seen everything from first editions of a special novel, right up to more tongue in cheek novelty gifts. You could alternatively give books to your guests as a wedding favour.

Literary weddings
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feature 8 Tips to planning a literary wedding
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2. Quotes from your favourite titles

You only have to type 'quotes' into Pinterest to see how popular the use of typographical design has become. Armed with the right font and some excerpts from your favourite book you are only one step away from creating some truly unique, not to mention cost effective, wedding signage and decor.

8 tips to planning a literary wedding
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3. Bundles of books as decor

A stack of vintage books bundled with string or tied with ribbon looks beautiful as part of your tablescapes or reception room styling. To personalise even further you could look for colour coded books or book titles containing a common word or theme.

Bundles of books as decor A stack of vintage books
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4. Vintage covers as table names

Creating a theme for your table names or numbers has become a modern wedding standard. We’ve seen loads of creative ideas over the years but one of our favourites was by a couple who named each of their wedding breakfast tables after a different Penguin Classics novel. On each table the front cover artwork was recreated and presented in a simple white frame.

Literary weddings
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5. Choose readings from your favourite pieces of literature

We love extracts from Captain Corelli's Mandolin, The Amber Spyglass and Wuthering Heights. If you've got children keen to play a part in your ceremony, we adore Guess How Much I Love You and The Velveteen Rabbit - guaranteed to make even the most hardy of guests cry. And don't forget poetry either, a personal favourite of mine is 'Scaffolding' by Seamus Heaney.

Literary weddings
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6. Use the literary theme throughout your stationery too

We love book cover inspired invites, library card style RSVPs and bookmark placenames that double as favours.

Literary weddings
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7. Have any favourite cook books?

Ask your wedding caterer to base a menu around your favourite dishes and include a line on the menu that explains to guests why you love this food so much. They can buy the book after your big day and have a go at recreating the meal in your honour!

8 tips to planning a literary wedding
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8. Books as icebreakers

We love fun games for guests to play at the table, they are a great conversation starter. Why not ask each guest to fill in a card that tells you what their favourite childhood book was, a book they feel defined by, a book that made them laugh and a book that made them think? After the wedding you get a list of book recommendations and it's a fun way for guests to break the ice.

8 tips to planning a literary wedding
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We hope we’ve given you a few ideas for how you can incorporate a literary theme into your wedding day. Head over to rockmywedding.co.uk for more daily inspiration.

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