The Vintage Podcast: David Grossman on A Horse Walks into a Bar

David Grossman won the 2017 Man Booker International Prize for his novel A Horse Walks into a Bar. He joins us to discuss comedy, memory, and the stories we tell ourselves as people and nations

David Grossman Podcast

David Grossman, author of To the End of the Land and Falling Out of Time, joins us to discuss his most recent novel, A Horse Walks into a Bar, winner of the Man Booker international prize.

He expounds on the book’s origins: the 24 years it took to write, and how he assembled a room of translators to overturn even the smallest details.

Grossman also discusses the difference between cynicism and irony, what separates Israeli and Yiddish humour, and the stories we tell ourselves, both as people and as nations.

David Grossman Podcast

If you are able to make fun of yourself, you are not a victim

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