Stay With Me, Rhys by Melanie Jones

Eleven-year-old Rhys Jones was fatally shot while walking home from football practice. He died in his mother’s arms. Stay With Me, Rhys is the true story behind the horrific murder that shocked the nation.

God Wanted a Football Match

by Stephen Jones

Now God wanted a football match

And to play it up in heaven

But first he needed players

And select his first eleven

Georgie Best, big Brian Labone

The legend Dixie Dean

Alan Ball and Bobby Moore

All made it in the team

He needed one more player

Someone who would be quick

From up above he looked down

And saw Rhys there in his kit

So Rhys was taken up above

God took him by the hand

To play the game he loved so much

Where sponsorship is banned

There is no cheating either as

God is the referee

There are no mega wages

And the transfers they are free

The games are live on telly

You don’t have to subscribe

The players all stay on their feet

Cos no one takes a dive

So Rhys plays now so happily

To the angels in the crowd

And every time he hits the net

They roar his name so loud

Have fun my little blue boy

You’re safe and in God’s care

Till it’s time for me to get my boots

And join with you up there

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