On self love – how to be more body positive

In Megan Jayne Crabbe's book Body Positive Power, she explains how anyone can break free from negative body image and obsession with diet culture. Here is what Margaret Gray learned about starting to love the body you’re in.

Body positivity

Throw out your bathroom scale

Consider this as part of your diet culture detox. “Every time we step on to the scale hoping to see that magic number, we’re handing our happiness over to a hunk of metal, plastic, and glass. We’re letting whatever digits pop up dictate how we feel about ourselves for the whole day.” By throwing away our scale, we are giving power back to ourselves. Body confidence is all about empowerment.

Dress for success

Society has given us countless rules when it comes to dressing according to our weight. It seems as though the less conventional our body types are, the less things we are ‘allowed’ to wear. We start banishing clothes we actually like from our closets because we wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them. Life is too short. Wear the clothes you like without shame or guilt. Throw out any clothes you are ‘saving’ for a smaller version of yourself – your new goal is to be happy where you are right now.

Learn about the history of body trends

Another reason to love museums: they are full of paintings and statues of beautiful women with different body types than the ones we see on TV. It’s important to remember that skinny hasn’t always meant perfect, that in the past, voluptuous women were the ideal. The ‘ideal’ body is always changing, mostly because there is no such thing as a perfect body.

Take the pledge

In Megan’s book, you will find a page for you to cut out, complete, and display proudly on your wall. This is a pledge to stop dieting forever, and to start giving your body the respect it deserves. Look at it every day and remember the commitment you’ve made to yourself.

Get mad

No one was born hating his or her body. We are coached from a young age to feel insecure, and to buy products to fix this problem. “Get mad about the first time you were ever made to feel bad about your body. Get mad about the fact that the average age for girls to start dieting is eight years old. Get mad about all that wasted time spent only half-living. Get mad about not being able to turn on your TV, open a magazine, or walk down the street without being sold the idea that your body is wrong.”

Talk to yourself the way you would a friend

You wouldn’t tell a friend that they are ugly or unworthy because of the way they look, so why tell yourself that? Your body has brought you a long way, helping you to achieve so many goals and dreams. Be kind to it, support it in the same way it supports you every single day.

Megan’s story of how she overcame a life-long battle with her body is as funny as it is inspiring. Body Positive Power for the win.

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