5 things to know about Ian McEwan’s new novel, Machines Like Me

Here's five things to know about Machines Like Me, the new novel by Ian McEwan.

Ian McEwan

1. Ian McEwan's new novel, Machines Like Me, will be published in the UK on the 18th April 2019.

2. Machines Like Me occurs in an alternative 1980s London, where Britain has lost the Falklands war, Margaret Thatcher battles Tony Benn for power and Alan Turing achieves a breakthrough in artificial intelligence.

3. The novel is about a love triangle between Charlie, Miranda and Adam, one of the first batch of synthetic humans.

4. Machines Like Me poses fundamental questions: what makes us human? Our outward deeds or our inner lives? Could a machine understand the human heart?

5. The novel has been announced in the same year that Ian McEwan’s novels On Chesil Beach and The Children Act have both been released as feature films.

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