17 September 2018

Together is a cookbook that celebrates the power of cooking to connect us to one another.

With a foreword by HRH The Duchess of Sussex, Together showcases over 50 authentic and diverse recipes from women whose community was affected by the Grenfell Tower fire. These recipes tell the story of a group of women who gathered together in a community kitchen to cook fresh meals for their families and neighbours. Over the chatter and aromas of the kitchen, together they began to heal and look forward.

In Together, the women of the Hubb Community Kitchen invite you to make their simple and delicious dishes for your loved ones.

Out 20th September



Supported by The Duchess of Sussex and The Royal Foundation, all proceeds from the sale of this book will help the Hubb Community Kitchen to continue transforming and strengthening communities through cooking.*

"This is a homage to the power of cooking as a community, and the recipes that allow us to connect, share and look forward" - HRH The Duchess of Susses
Who are the Hubb Community Kitchen?

The Hubb Community Kitchen is a group of women who have come together to prepare fresh food for their local community.

After being displaced following the Grenfell Tower fire, some of the women needed a place to cook fresh food for their families. They began to use the kitchen at the Al-Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, where the women who worked there had been using the facilities to cook for the community. They all shared the kitchen for two days every week, preparing food and eating together.  Word spread and more women began to join in, embracing community and supporting their neighbours in their time of need. 

Images from Together

Soon there were women from different cultures all cooking, swapping recipes, talking and laughing. As they cooked, they began to connect, heal and look forward, and have continued to cook together twice a week.

This community of women became known as the Hubb Community Kitchen - Hubb means ‘love’ in Arabic.  The women of the Hubb Community Kitchen describe it as a place of good food, love, support and friendship.

Recipe images

Together is their storybook, packed with delicious, simple Eastern Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and North African recipes, many of which have been handed-down through generations, honed and perfected over the years. 

These are recipes that are both easily accessible for the home cook and mouth-wateringly delicious.

‘We have called this book Together not just because we have come together in our Kitchen, but because we want to spread the word that food made by a gathering of hearts is the most nourishing food of all.’  The Hubb Community Kitchen

Why your support matters

‘Our dream is to open the kitchen seven days a week. And, as everyone who was affected by the fire settles into their new lives, we will continue to share the blessings of food made with love with everyone in the community who needs it’

The Hubb Community Kitchen

Images from Together

United by a shared passion for cooking as a way to bring people together, they have come together with The Duchess of Sussex to create a cookbook containing 55 family recipes that celebrate food, family and community. All proceeds from Together will help The Hubb Community Kitchen to stay open and to thrive, so it can continue transforming lives and communities through cooking.

'Through this charitable endeavour, the proceeds will allow the kitchen to thrive and keep the global spirit of community alive.' HRH THe Duchess of Sussex
Get involved and #CookTogether

'We hope Together will inspire you to cook the delicious recipes that fill each page of this book for your family, friends and community. We hope that other communities facing difficulties can experience the healing power of sharing food by setting up their own community kitchens. What we want most, though, is for you to enjoy cooking these recipes at home with your families. Each dish has a story, some handed down from generation to generation.  We hope that by making them, and serving them, you will weave your own stories in with ours, creating a connection across our countries and cultures’

The Hubb Community Kitchen


If, like us, you are passionate about how food can tell a story and bring people together, we would love to hear from you.




'Thank you for your support, and happy cooking!' The Hubb Community Kitchen

Images from Together
Our Gift to You

We have selected four recipes from our book to give you a sample of our favourite plates. They are all easy to prepare and we hope that they will tempt you to start cooking together straight away.  And if you like them, please buy a copy of our book and spread the word to help transform lives and communities through cooking.

Greeen Chilli Avocado Dip
Munira and child
Aysha Coconut Chicken Curry recipe
Aysha Bora
Sanna Mirza - Salad Shirazi recipe
Sanna Mirza
Faiza - Caramelized plum upside-down cake
Faiza Hayani Bellili

*All profits from the sale of this book will go to The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (registered charity number: 1132048), or its wholly owned trading subsidiary, for the benefit of the Hubb Community Kitchen, helping widen its reach to others in the community, and enabling similar projects to continue transforming lives through the power of cooking. It is hoped that the book will sell over 50,000 copies and if this target is achieved the campaign will raise over £250,000.

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