Philip Pullman announces new book The Secret Commonwealth

Volume Two of The Book of Dust is set to arrive on 3rd October 2019, jumping 20 years forward from Volume One, La Belle Sauvage.  Read an extract from The Secret Commonwealth and find out what happens next in Lyra's extraordinary journey.

The Secret Commonwealth by Philip Pullman (placeholder)
Philip Pullman © Michael Leckie

Philip Pullman said: “At the heart of the book are Lyra, the young woman we saw first as a girl of twelve and then as a baby, and Malcolm, whose life as a boy became involved with hers and who now finds their lives helplessly entangled again; and how some emotions can last a lifetime, and others change beyond recognition.”

Further announcements will follow throughout the year, stay tuned to our social channels for more details and find out more in the video filmed in Oxford’s Botanic Gardens, now iconic to His Dark Materials fans.

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Read an extract from The Secret Commonwealth: The Book of Dust Volume Two

‘It used to be you who was impulsive,’ said Pan, ‘and me who kept holding you back. We’re different now.’

She nodded. ‘Well, you know, things change … This isn’t just shoplifting. This is murder.’

‘I know. I saw it.’

‘And maybe by doing this we’d be helping the murderer get away with it. By interfering with the investigation. That can’t be right.’

‘That’s another thing,’ he said.


‘You used to be optimistic. You used to think that whatever we did would turn out well. Even after we came back from the north, you used to think that. Now you’re cautious, you’re anxious … You’re pessimistic.’

She knew he was right, but it wasn’t right that he should speak to her accusingly, as if it was something to blame her for.

‘I used to be young,’ was all she could find to say.

He made no response.

They didn’t speak again till they reached the station. Then she said ‘Pan, come here,’ and he leapt up at once into her hands. She put him on her shoulder and said quietly, ‘You’re going to have to look out behind. Someone might be watching.’

The Secret Commonwealth: The Book of Dust Volume Two
publishes 3rd October 2019. 

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