Mrs Hinch: ‘I honestly believe I found myself through my home’

Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch shares why she loves her Essex home in an excerpt from her book, Hinch Yourself Happy.

Sophie Hinchcliffe AKA Mrs Hinch
Sophie Hinchcliffe AKA Mrs Hinch
Mrs Hinch's home

Saying this is a big step for me, because years ago I would have decorated my home in a way that I thought other people would like or be impressed by (I’ll get into that more a bit later), and it’s real progress that I don’t feel the need to do that any more. I honestly believe that I found myself through my home.

Is my house perfect and spotless? No way! Is it to everyone’s taste? Definitely not. Some people don’t like the grey and white look, so my place would be their worst nightmare because they would think it’s boring. But I love it. Am I happy here? I really am.

We all have to do what suits us, and not anyone else, because sadly we do live in a world where a lot of people live their lives trying to be like someone else. Please don’t! Please be you! I read a quote once that has always stuck with me. It said, ‘No one is you, and that is your power.’ I think that one of the worst things we can do is compare ourselves to other people. This is one of the reasons I dance around my lounge, name my cloths, put my sink to bed and show my excitement over what others may consider the most simple things, because that’s just me.

Just like every person is different, so is every home, and I love that. My mum’s home is full of oatmeals and browns, which I love. My friend Leanne has greens and browns, and it looks so nice. The motto for my home, however, has always been ‘grey all the way’. These are mine and Jamie’s four walls, and we’ve worked really hard saving for them, so I think we should be able to do whatever makes us happy inside them.

Mrs Hinch bedroom

If you go into a shop and you love something, it doesn’t matter how little it costs, what colour it is, or what other people think of it. If you take it home and you love it, then it’s going to make you feel good. Colours and styles come and go all the time, so stick with what you like, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Have you noticed how quickly fashions change? This includes décor. Who cares if you get a fabulous statement wall and then people decide they don’t like them any more? So what? Life goes around in circles and things go in and out of style, so please yourself – you may as well, because you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Personally, I enjoy looking after things. I enjoy polishing my ornaments (with Dave, ha ha), karate chopping my cushions and just looking after them. I honestly think if you love your home it will love you right back.

For example, I’ve had the big white wooden candlestick that sits in my front room for so long now. I got it in B&M, reduced to £6.99 because the metal dish on the top had broken off. I took it home, superglued it back on, and repairing it made me smile. I gave it a new lease of life. It’s been with me a long time so it’s got a few chips here and there, but it still warms my heart. I could buy another one to replace it but I don’t need to. Why spend money on something new when you’re already happy with what you’ve got?

I would never leave the little Essex village I’ve lived in since I was young. All my friends and family still live here and it’s my little bit of heaven. I’ve always been a home girl and if someone said to me, ‘You can either have something for your wardrobe or for your home,’ I’d go for home every time. It’s my sanctuary, my very own box of treasures (and bargs!).


I never want to change who I am or what I buy or how I speak. I am who I am. I’m a very homely girl and my mum still comes round to help me cook. I think people believe I walk around in Louboutins, but the truth is, I don’t own a pair. I think if I was ever magically given some I would end up putting them on display because I’d be so scared to wear them. I would probs Dave and Sheen them most days!

Let’s face it, a lot of us are fascinated by other people’s homes. I know I certainly am. I always thought it would be amazing to be an estate agent so I could have a nose around other people’s places. I also really want someone to create a TV show where they go into people’s houses and find out the stories behind the things they own. I bet it would be so interesting. I am actually a secret lover of shows like Bargain Hunt and Antiques Roadshow!

Every home, and every object, tells a story. I’d like to know why people have bought things and how much they were. I’d like to know about upcycling projects and how they’ve made them work, and find out the history of certain objects. Imagine if someone has been in their home for 50 years – their possessions would have such amazing stories to tell. I would love to sit and listen to it all!

Mrs Hinch's tips: Hinch your kettle

We all have a Kimberly Kettle in our lives, but do you hinch it the way you should? ’Cause, mate, the limescale that builds up can seriously affect your cuppas!

  • Half fill your kettle and boil it.
  • Unplug it or remove it from its stand.
  • Pour in your preferred kettle descaler, following the measuring guides on the back of the product.
  • Leave it for the recommended time.
  • Watch in wonder as all the dodgy bits start floating around.
  • Empty the kettle.
  • Refill it halfway and boil again.
  • Once it’s boiled pour the water out, and she’s good to go!

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