Have you ever asked your mum who her first love was?

This Mother's Day, grab a cuppa and ask your mother all those questions you'd always wondered about, says Mum, Tell Me author Elma Van Vliet.

Illustration by Emma Block

It wasn’t until my mom fell ill that I realised how much I still wanted to ask her. About who she used to be, about her dreams, big and small. But I also realised I did not tell her often enough how important she was to me. That’s when I created Mum, Tell Me, a book filled with questions about her life. It was my way of showing how much I loved her. And she loved filling it out. Whilst working on the book, I noticed that our bond changed. We got talking and connected in a way we never had before. What she gave me back, was so much more than just answers. Her stories prompted whole new conversations and our connection deepened. We spoke about her past, being a woman and becoming a mother. By getting to know my mother, I also got to know myself.

Five questions to ask your mum

1. Did you enjoy being a child?
2. What were your parents like when you were young?
3. Who was your first love?
4. What is your biggest accomplishment?
5. How did having children change your life?

I believe that connecting with our loved ones is the key to happiness. And It seems so elementary when I say it out loud, I know. But just by talking about things you never knew about her, you become closer. Talk about her thoughts and her experiences, her dreams and wishes. And by getting to know the people that matter most to you better, we strengthen the bonds that make us happy. And that happiness doesn't have to wait. It can be found, starting today, just by making a bit of time to talk. 




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