Reading lists

Classic books for troubling modern times

From Sam Selvon and the immigration crisis to Roald Dahl and social inequality, there's a classic to help you understand all the biggest challenges facing the world in 2019


From political disenfranchisement to economic disaster to environmental panic, every generation feels like they're living through end-times.

It may be no consolation to say the anxieties of today are often echoes of the past, but revisiting books that tackled topics like the immigration crisis or rising social inequality in another era can be a way of getting a fresh perspective on today. 

Here's a selection of classic novels and non-fiction that offer just that. The best bit? They're all great reads to boot.

The threat of climate change

The growth of the surveillance state

The rise of autocracy

Race, and white supremacy

Rising inequality

The immigration crisis

Modern feminism

The threat of nuclear warfare

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